Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government shutdown in San Mateo County one day out

San Francisco Examiner/Peninsula/Max A. Cherney, 10/2/13.  "Peninsula services mostly survive U.S.government shutdown."

GGNRA Mori Point closed/open
"The county government also doesn’t expect any immediate impact on services. That includes the health system and rolling out the Affordable Care Act. But should the gridlock in Washington, D.C., continue, some services may be impacted, said Board of Supervisors President Don Horsley. The Housing Department, “which depends on federal funds,” would be the first, followed by any other county social services funded with federal money, Horsley said. 

Unlike public land overseen by federal agencies, county and state parks will remain open. Although most of the parks in the county are locally run, there are five, such as Rancho Corral de Tierra, that are part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and thus will be closed."   Read article.

Note:  photograph from  Lawrence Hosken, "San Francisco (and Environs):  South"

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