Sunday, October 20, 2013

California pension rollbacks, the slow process

Sacramento Bee/The State Worker/Jon Ortiz, 10/17/13.  "Jerry Brown taps pension-reform proponent for high level post." 

"Gov. Jerry Brown has named a government official who defended pension rollbacks for current employees to be deputy secretary at the new California Government Operations Agency.

Stuart Drown is leaving his post as executive director of the Little Hoover Commission. In 2011, he drew fire when the 12-member panel issued a report urging lawmakers to corral public pension costs by freezing accrued benefits for current employees and move them into less-generous plans going forward.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed cites the commission’s report as inspiration for the public pension proposal he’s trying to put on the November 2014 statewide ballot.   Read article, includes a video interview with Stuart Drown, 3:34 minutes." 

Note Graphic from  State Net.

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Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed. California's future is riding on making these pension changes include current public employees and not just new hires.