Monday, October 14, 2013

Ocean Shore railroad car 1409, new restoration effort

Pacifica Tribune/Jan Bartlett, 10/9/13.  "To build a passenger car - the journey of Scott Linder and the Ocean Shore Railroad."

Ocean Shore railroad car 1409,
last passenger car, 1909

Pacifica Historical Society volunteer worker party
.... "Since Car 1409's discovery, the Pacifica Historical Society has raised approximately $50,000 for its restoration needs, which included its journey from Sebastopol, and its recent move, May 16, to a secure new home at the Calera Creek Water Recycling Plant.

The May 16 move was triggered by constant vandalism on the car in its former location — graffiti, a 12-inch hole burned in the floor, and someone built a campfire, about four feet in diameter, inside the train which nearly marked the end for Car 1409. The car was just too accessible. The move from one location to another was another extraordinary Lindner-led feat, with volunteers donating massive amounts of hours to get the car raised so that it could be placed on a large equipment hauler and then loaded off again at its new home.

Lindner estimates another $50,000 is needed to do cosmetic surgery to the framing, to sheath and cover the roof, rebuild window frames, install windows, put the trim in on the door, and paint it. Mahogany trim and upholstery will be the car's final touches.

Those interested in volunteering for a work party, including high school woodshop educators looking for a project for their students, should contact More information on OSRR Car 1409 can be found at All donations are tax deductible."   Read article.

Reference -  Pacifica Historical Society.  Note:  Photographs of "car #1409, the last passenger car bought by the Ocean Shore Railroad in 1909", and a group of work party volunteers are both from the Pacifica Historical Society website.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

A noble effort coming to fruition through the hard work of dedicated volunteers. Anyone know what plans are in the works as to where this rail car will be displayed/housed once restoration is completed ? Too large for the Pacifica Historical Society building. Perhaps in the atrium of that fabled yet-to-be-built new Pacifica Library might be the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that would be a stroke of political genius. Take a bow. The Pacifica Historical Society would work itself to the bone to get that library bond passed.

Tom Clifford said...

If all the details could be worked out placing it next to the Vallemar Station would be perfect.