Monday, October 7, 2013

Water supply planning, Santa Cruz is considering seawater desalination

Santa Cruz Sentinel/K/ J.M. Brown, 10/7/13.  "Santa Cruz council to review plan for next steps in desalination water debate."

Don't worry few improvements ever happen in Pacifica,
and more pragmatic Daly City is nearby
....  "In the face of mounting opposition to the $129 million proposal, Bernal and Mayor Hilary Bryant announced in August their intent to slow the city's eight-year drive toward desal in favor of reopening options for stabilizing a drought-prone water supply for the city's 90,000 customers. 

A draft environmental report on the desal project was completed in May at a cost of $1.6 million, which is just a fraction of $15 million spent so far by the city and its desal partner, the Soquel Creek Water District. Bernal expects Tuesday to detail the possible cost of responding to more than 400 public comments or questions and altering the report to include that input -- a process that could take up to 18 months to complete."  Read article.

RelatedCITOR (referse osmosis and associaed water perification equipment.). "Fresh water...oceans of it.  Truning sea water into fresh drinking water."  Note:  graphic from U.Texas Ed/Dr. Benny D,.Freeman 4/9/01.
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Anonymous said...

Just spoke with a friend visiting from Australia. The subject of their drought came up and it was mentioned that a desalination plant was built, I believe in the Sydney area. It's never been used, and I have no idea how large it is, but supposedly, it costs $1.5 million per day to keep it operational.
One has to wonder how much sea water can be removed before there are negative effects on the ocean.