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San Mateo County Supervisors consider district representation, October 8, 2013

San Francisco Examiner/Peninsula/Emilie Mutert, 9/30/13.  "San Mateo County officials prepared to weigh supervisorial boundaries."
  Unified coastal scramble coming up!

"The committee charged with choosing a redistricting map for San Mateo County narrowed the list of possible district line maps to three and recommended them to the Board of Supervisors, which will weigh them at a meeting next week.

....  Public discussion on these maps has brought to the forefront issues that are important to county residents. For instance, Pacifica residents were concerned that their city would be split into two different districts, or that Pacifica would be split apart from the rest of the coastal community, thus diminishing coastal residents' united voice on their particular issues.

Similarly, residents in the current District 4, which includes Menlo Park and East Palo Alto and is represented by Slocum, were afraid that their region, united largely by a common Spanish language, could be split."   Read article.

Reference -   San Mateo County Board of Supervisor representation, (5 districts).

Board of Supervisors meeting,  Tuesday, October 8, 2013, 9 AM to 11 AM, County Hall of Justice, 400 County Center, Redwood City.   

San Mateo County District Committee. "The Board of Supervisors created the nine-member District Lines Advisory Committee after voters changed the County Charter in November 2012. The change requires that only voters within a district can elect a supervisor who lives in that same district to represent them. Under the prior system voters countywide elected all five supervisors. With heightened interest in district-based elections, the Board of Supervisors tasked the Committee with hearing public comment, studying current and potential boundaries and recommending possible adjustments. The committee members chosen by the Board of Supervisors are: Supervisor Adrienne J. Tissier, Committee Chair;  Supervisor Warren Slocum, Committee Vice-Chair; Gonzalo “Sal” Torres, a Daly City Council Member; Laura Martinez, an East Palo Alto Council Member; and public members: Hayden Lee of Millbrae; Raymond Lee of San Mateo; Barbara Arietta of Pacifica; William Nack of Menlo Park; and Rebecca Ayson of Daly City. Each public member resides in one of the five current districts, ensuring that all geographic areas of the county are represented. Eric Reed and Isabel Annie Loya were selected as alternates."

Note:  photograph from Goose Commerce blog.

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