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GGNRA dog plan is dicey so far

I don't get it?
San Francisco Chronicle/Marisa Lagos, John King, 10/23/13.  "Park Service not around to hear from dog lovers."

Dogs chase plovers    
"Dozens of people showed up Monday at San Francisco City Hall to express their displeasure with a set of proposed dog rules for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, but the folks who will make the decision over those proposals were nowhere to be found.

That's because the National Park Service decided that Supervisor Scott Wiener - who sponsored the hearing as well as a resolution opposing the proposed rules - had made up his mind ahead of time and that there was no reason for them to show up.

....   Those so-called extremist canine lovers, by the way, have the support of U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough, who had a staff member attend the hearing."     Read article.

Related -  SF Dog organization/Sally 9/9/13,"New GGNRA Dog Management Plan released 9/6/13."  "The Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) released a new version of its proposed Dog Management Plan on Friday, September 6, 2013. They will be accepting public comment until December 4, 2013. The plan is 1500+ pages, so it will take us a little time to analyze, but once we do, we will post suggested comments that you can make to the GGNRA.  To read the new GGNRA Dog Management Plan Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, go to: 

....  The GGNRA released a revised version of its Dog Management Plan last Friday morning. An earlier version, released in 2011, was fatally flawed and, frankly, should have been an embarrassment to the GGNRA. It proposed cutting where dogs could walk off-leash (and on-leash too) by 90% compared to where they can walk, both on- and off-leash in the GGNRA today. The plan cited potential impacts from dogs on GGNRA land, but offered no evidence that any of these potential impacts were actually being observed now or had ever taken place in the GGNRA. The plan ignored the impacts on city parks if people with dogs were forced out of the GGNRA, and proposed a plan to automatically and permanently close areas to dog walking if the GGNRA determined there wasn't enough compliance with the new restrictions."

Note photographs:  Park Service logo from Jonathan Turley blog, dog with leash from Gateway Pets. 

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