Friday, October 18, 2013

In event you heard a stuck foghorn last night, its fixed

Roger, we've got US Coast Guard permission
to turn off the foghorn

San Jose Mercury News/Bay City News Service, 10/18/13.  "Foghorn on Golden Gate Bridge blares constantly in wee hours." 

Trying to sleep here
"One of the foghorns on the Golden Gate Bridge malfunctioned and blared continuously early this morning, a bridge spokeswoman said.

....  The horn was turned off by 3 a.m., and repairs were made and completed around 8 a.m. Currie said a bridge electrician was able to get permission from the U.S. Coast Guard to temporarily disconnect the alarm to make the fix.

....  One Twitter user wrote, "Is there some sort of 2 a.m. foghorn concert in SF tonight? Either that or someone passed out on the horn. 20 minutes without a pause now."   Read more.

Note photographs:  Man with pillow over his head is from Bon Voyage, by Thinkstock. The Golden Gate bridge man turning on or off a foghorn is from the San Francisco Chronicle, by Alan Smorra. 

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