Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wild Equity Institute: Attendance Mandatory, Truth Optional

The Wild Equity Institute sent a call to arms to all its members to attend the Sharp Park hearing on December 16.

Among their allegations are that the The Recreation and Parks Department report on Sharp Park is "controversial" (or rather, a definitive rebuke of their bogus arguments), and that "the report suggests that picnickers are a more significant and widespread threat to the endangered species than the golf course, even though the golf course has killed many of the animals" (emphasis ours) . . . despite no evidence the golf course or the golfers have ever harmed an endangered species.

Finally, they drop this whopper:

"But we need not triage our biological heritage this way. There is still time for us all to choose a better future for Sharp Park by restoring Sharp Park’s ecology while protecting the endangered species on the property and providing recreational opportunities everyone can enjoy. We know it can be done: the National Park Service is already doing so at the adjacent property, Mori Point."

Well . . . let's forget Mori Point was approved for development by the citizens of Pacifica, then environmental activists threw so many lawsuits at the proposed development that the developer went bankrupt (and one of them committed suicide), and the property was purchased for a song and a dance . . . and that a local documentarian has definitively shown the "recreational" enjoyment of Mori Point is minimal at best (see my video on this website or search for "Mori Point" on YouTube) . . . they are still talking about destroying an active and historic Golf Course for the benefit of 2 species, on property the US Fish and Wildlife Services has NEVER declared critical to their survival!!

One would have thought the "sharp" Coburn/Plater connection would have sent him back to Arizona with his tail between his legs, but the Platerborg wants to assimilate you no matter what.  Resistance is futile . . . 

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