Thursday, December 17, 2009

Support Term Limits for Pacifica City Council

Kudoes to Bernie Siffry, the 1-man signature machine who is less than 500 signatures away from putting Term Limits for Pacifica City Council on the November 2009 ballot:

Pacifica Friends of Good Government

Among the salient reasons to vote for term limits, FOGG give these gems:

- To decide if they want citizen legislators or career politicians to represent them.
- To vote for Council members who will stop ignoring the decay and disrepair of our streets, sidewalks, and infrastructure of the City while they agree to spend money on trails and pathways that too few utilize.
- To bring in new faces, new minds, fresh ideas and approaches to our problems which will improve the quality of life for all Pacificans—not just a vocal minority who have intimidated many businesses and developers so that they fear speaking up due to threats and recrimination. 
- Improves the tendency to vote on principle.
- Reduces the power of staff and bureaucracy.
- Establishes an eight (8) year deadline to accomplish goals, discouraging the current habit of endlessly pushing decisions and actions off into the future.

Bernie and FOGG even got a well deserved "Hinshaw Bump" from the recent Horacescope Column in the Pacifica Tribune:

"One of the major pros to having term limits is that it prevents individuals from making a career out of the elected office. It introduces fresh thinking and new ideas. Term limits also encourage political participation by newcomers. Unfortunately, often incumbents have a major advantage in elections because of name recognition.
I realize that the major argument against term limits is that you lose the knowledge and experience of the incumbents, but I think the time has come that we let the public have a voice in deciding if we want term limits. If you haven't signed the petition you can find Bernie sitting in front of Safeway, at both Linda Mar and Pacific Manor, almost every day."

Petitions are also available at Silicon Segway, 205 Rockaway Beach Ave, Suite 4.

Once the signatures have been submitted and certified, City Council has the option of voting to enact the Term Limits, or forcing a costly election.  Which option do you think they will choose??


Scotty said...

The "salient reasons" listed above might be good reasons to vote out the current council (and I would mostly agree), but unless you stretch things, they don't really have much to do with term limits.

Anonymous said...

Term Limits is happening in a many cities now. I think people are becoming to be aware of economic impacts that becomes contraversial due to the lack of new ideas,new blood. I am for it.