Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inspectors find 47 Spare the Air violators Friday

This just in; The bought and paid for democratic elected officials who kiss the environmentalists asses, created this insane government agency to monitor our air. Speeding around the Bay Area to intrude on family's on Christmas Day to give them a warning, Do Not Burn Wood in Your Fireplace or we will fine you $400.00.The inspectors used many gallons of gasoline spewing out toxic chemicals from their government taxpayers vehicles to warn only 47 families running around the SF Bay Area, driving over bridges, wasting more paper (poor trees) and cell phones (brain cancer/drive up health care costs), all to warn 47 families on Christmas Day. Commies? You Betcha! Thanks California Democrats. Oh and they were in Pacifica.


Another holiday, another sweep of smoke scofflaws. Bay Area air pollution inspectors found 47 violators burning wood fires illegally during Christmas Day's Spare the Air alert — which was declared because cold, unhealthful air had been forecast. View Full Story

Submitted by Kathleen Rogan

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