Monday, December 21, 2009

In the News - From the North Pole (more myth busting)

Winter wonderland song

North Pole Facts & Figures The City of North Pole is a Home Rule Charter city and operates under the Council-Mayor form of government. The mayor and six (6) council members are elected for terms of three years, with two council members elected each year. The city has an annual operating budget of 3.6 million dollars, and derives its revenue from a four percent sales tax and a 3.0 mill rate levied against properties. The city provides Police, Fire and Emergency Medical services to its residents. The city also maintains streets and roads within the city limits and operates water and wastewater treatment facilities. Electric and phone service is provided from outside the city. The city provides 10 full time police, 10 full time fire members, 30 volunteers, 3 full time water and sewer service and public works employees. City clerical staff includes an accountant, clerk, public works director, accounts receivable/receptionist. Population 2,099 (2008), within 15 miles 30,440. Incorporated 1/16/1953, city land area 4.1 square miles. Weather extremes -78 Winter, 95 Summer.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Steve Sinai said...

I'm not sure what myths are being busted, but having lived about 20 miles from North Pole, AK in my younger days, I can confirm that the mayor is Santa Claus, and all the council members are elves.

Kathy Meeh said...

Hi Steve, you're amazing! I knew you "could (almost) see Russia" from your back yard, but didn't know you lived so close to Santa and the Elves. The website seems to underplay the Santa identity.

North Pole economic plan looks somewhat like ours (and possibly all America), with Safeway, Taco Bell, Subway, a pizza place, Blockbuster, Wells Fargo, martial arts, Century 21, State Farm etc-- except, they have Santa and Tesoro oil refinery. And, Sara Palin visited on Memorial Day, probably prior to charging $16 for photographs with her.