Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Ubiquitous Brent Plater - A Profile in Shameless Self Promotion

(Originally posted October 5, 2009)

Many of you wonder: "Brent Plater? Why has this out-of-town, high priced environmental attorney set his sights on poor, penniless little Pacifica?" We'll do our best here to try and answer some of these questions for you. You see, Brent has been at it 24 by 7 to ensure that his adoring audience of one will never run out of his hackneyed, self aggrandizing web and conventional print media content. Green may be the theme color of the environmental movement, but it is also the color of money. It is the latter that really motivates Brent.

I don't know about you, but I sure can't get enough of Brent Plater on the Internet, in print, on radio and on television. Thankfully for us, Mr. Plater has ensured that the Internet is so full of his self-promoting content, that even Google is having trouble keeping up with it. Yes, Plater has been on an around-the-clock campaign of shameless self-promotion. He does so through the many web sites and blog spots he has created for himself, as well as through the variety of media sources he gained access to while passing himself off as a "caring" staff attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD). Although much of Plater's self-published content celebrates his less than trivial accomplishments, a significant amount of content is devoted to his first environmental focus we have experienced in the Bay Area, i.e., ridding the Bay Area (and later the planet) of companion animals. Although Plater's all-out jihad on dogs deserves some special consideration, it is beyond the scope of this article.

And now, Brent has set is sights on ridding the planet of yet another one of its human serving recreational nuisances, Sharp Park Golf Course. At the same time, Brent will also be ridding the impoverished town of Pacifica of the only true economically beneficial tourist draw it has to offer.

Why, you might ask, does Plater so rabidly hate man's best friend, as well as the pleasant experience of a game of golf played on a historic pastural seaside course? One can only speculate as to what type of childhood Plater must have had; what kind of horrific things must have happened to him to cause this deep-seated hatred. Perhaps one day science will explore the remains of Mr. Plater's brain and determine what exactly went wrong there. However, full analysis into the pathology of Plater is beyond the scope of this blog space. That is something that is best left to the pros. However, Hollywood has provided us valuable insight into the pathology of what society labels as psychopaths and sociopaths. Many a film has chronicled their unique profiles. For example, we have learned that many a psychopath/serial killer displays an unrelenting obsession with their victims or targets. Often the mysterious killer is finally unveiled for us just moments before the final credits come scrolling across the screen. Typically, this occurs when the detectives finally come upon the residence of the suspected killer. It is then that our heroes, and we, the finger nail biting audience, are confronted with a room covered with marked up newspaper clippings and magazine pages depicting the murders and their victims. We are shocked at the killer's complete obsession with himself and his deeds.

Likewise, in the case of Brent Plater, his web and blog spaces are replete with material pertaining to his obsession. Endangered species and global warming do not take center stage. Rather, the walls of Brent Plater's Internet hiding space are covered with an array of self- authored clippings about one thing and one thing only -- Brent Plater! Yes, Brent is completely obsessed with himself. No doubt he has grandiose plans in Sacramento or Washington DC as a influential politician or lobbyist. Clearly, Plater plans to use a ubiquitous web presence as a springboard for his ambitous ascent to wealth and power.

We encourage all visitors of this blog to check it out for yourself. A partial list of Brent Plater authored blogs and web sites follow:

Of course, don't expect to be able to comment on any of Plater's web/blog spaces. As Brent stated at the March 6, 2006 GGNRA Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Meeting at Fort Mason, San Francisco, "I don't need public comment. I am the public!"

In the case of Sharp Park Golf Course, sadly, the handful of self-styled environmental extremist Pacificans (the very ones who have hijacked our city government) are all too happy to join forces with Plater. Fore! or Frog! --- it's really up to you, the citizens of Pacifica. My advice, send Brent packing back to Michigan. I'm sure they have plenty of environmental issues there for him to obsess over.


Fix Pacifica said...

More on Plater and CBD:

Kathy Meeh said...

Oceanbeachdog is a great biting website, anti Platter chatter, very refreshing. May the Golf Course be granted a longer life than those who oppose it.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

what I find so fascinating is that Plater, and his number one cheerleader Ian Butler, will continually provoke the golfers with unsubstantiated misinformation, then demand a "penalty stroke" to their egos when the golfers respond with righteous anger.

Ian Butler did this before to Tod Schlesinger, when he and Larry Rosenstein edited a video of Tod at a City Council meeting and posted it on youtube and John Maybury's blog titled as "Unhinged". When Tod responded by reporting the video to youtube as violating the Terms of Service, the video was removed. Ian Butler then cried "censorship" to the madding crowd. Now Maybury wants to put Butch Larroche in a corner citing "libel", when in fact the video Ian Butler made and John posted on his website were the very definition of libel.

Ian Butler and Larry Rosenstein also cry about personal attacks, but their response to my Mori Point video (inspired by Michael Moore) was:

"Well you certainly got Michael Moore's physique down!"

Incidentally, the video clearly undermines the contention that a frog and snake preserve will bring more tourist dollars to Pacifica than the golf course.

And how did the whole controversy at Sharp Park Golf Course get started? Yes, it was Brent Plater and the CBD getting heavy handed with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the Parks and Rec Department by threatening a lawsuit.

The liars and bullies strike first, then cry out for the "facts" to be heard in a "civil" manner. Sorry kids, the ref on the sidelines just threw the BS flag on Plater and Butler.

Fix Pacifica said...

This man is just so wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not really sure if all the evil speak about Plater is accurate but must comment that he "feels" like a hired gun and the more fuss folks waste on him, the less time and energy is being spent dealing with job of truthfully documenting and repudiating the claims he and his backer have made about Sharp Park. We who want to save the course, really need to band together and show our support. The SF Public Golf Alliance and newly formed Pacific Alliance to Save the Course need us to "stand up" and be counted.