Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hill Announces Legislation Targeting Repeat DUI Offenders

San Mateo County is home to two drivers with 9 DUIs

San Mateo, CA – Assemblymember Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, will hold a press conference tomorrow unveiling legislation to make it more difficult for repeat DUI offenders to get their license back. 

A series of news articles in November about a Burlingame man who had eight DUIs and was able to get his license back only to get his ninth DUI highlighted several problems with California law.  To address this issue, Assemblymember Hill will announce legislation to do the following:
Ø      Repeal the arbitrary 10-year look back period state law requires the DMV to use on repeat DUI offenders.
Ø      Authorize judges to repeal licenses for drivers who receive 3 or more DUIs.

“This legislation will make it more difficult for repeat DUI offenders to get their license back,” said Assemblymember Hill.  “Lawmakers need to protect innocent bystanders from individuals with multiple DUI convictions who are likely to re-offend.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that one-third of the annual 1.5 million DUI arrests are repeat offenders. 

Two individuals with 9 DUIs reside in San Mateo County making it the poster child for repeat DUI offenders.  The statewide statistics on repeat DUI offenders is staggering:
Ø      154,000 have two DUI convictions
Ø      over 34,000 have three or more

In 2008, over 1,000 people were killed by drunk drivers in California and another 28,000 were injured. 

DUI arrests have increased in the Bay Area and throughout the state during this year’s holiday season (December 24 – 27).  The California Highway Patrol arrested 160 impaired drivers in the Bay Area over the holidays compared to123 last year and statewide DUI arrests reached 970 compared to 824 last year.

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