Friday, December 4, 2009

Who's the Imposter?

posted by: r. roads


Lance said...

Nancy Hall dyed her hair!

Kathy Meeh said...

The impostor is the "hard hat", at the city website there's nothing pending for development-- zip, nada.

Lance said...

Who's the guy with the turban?

Lippy McSkippy said...

that's the owner of the new market going into Pedro Point Shopping Center, where they're going to sell the million sandwiches to the hikers to pay for the trail

Johnny Quest said...

That's Haji from my old tv show.

Lance said...

The guy in the white hat is explaining how he built the Whitehouse all by himself.

The White House Insider said...

The guy in the blue turban is none other than 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Direct from Gitmo, he is obediently serving his sentence consisting of:
1. Captive audience at Vreeland hot-air expulsions
2. Bound and gagged at Nancy Hall karaoke screech and whine festival
3. Short order chef for John "I'll take fries with that" Curtis
4. Reader and interpreter for Councilmember Pete DeJarnatt
5. Life coach for Councilmember Sue Digre
6. Promotional director for the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce
7. City Attorney Quick's law clerk/sex slave
8. Fred Howard's makeup consultant
9. Poop-boarding at WWTP holding cell
10. Sent home to Qatar to initiate "Our environment is our economy" campaign

Arfie McBarfie said...

"City Attorney Quick's law clerk/sex slave"

The mental image of this is going to make me hurl.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Productions said...

Seeing the White House State Dinner crashers and their zany antics to gain a reality TV show gives me an idea. How about a reality TV show about a dysfunctional City Council who can't do anything (e.g., getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, voting) without asking for guidance from their City Attorney and staff? It could be a variation on the "Jeopardy" theme where everything said by Council has to be in the form of a question to staff. Hell, they could even film it right here in Pacifica. Maybe we could sell advertising, hotel rooms, etc. and turn this into an economic boon! We could call it "Are they smarter than a fifth grader? Nevermind...".

Snoopy said...

Well, many of the council meeting exchanges between Vreeland and the City Manager come off as pre-scripted, so a television show is a natural progression.