Friday, December 11, 2009

Important Upcoming Meeting Dates in the Fight to Save Sharp Park Golf Course!

Hello all!

1. There are TWO VERY, VERY IMPORTANT meetings in San Francisco next week. The first is the San Francisco Board of Supervisor's Government and Oversight Sub-Committee final Public Hearing on Wednesday 12/16 at 1pm, and the second is the all important final Public Hearing of the SF Rec and Park Board of Commissioners on Thursday, December 17, 2PM. RM 416 (Check both websites-SF Rec and Park and SF BOS-for confirmed times of meeting starts on both of those dates, as these things have a tendency to change at the last minute sometimes...)

2. * The 12/17 Rec and Park Meeting is the VOTING meeting of the SF Rec and Park Board of Commissioners and is our last chance to persuade the SF Rec and Park Board of Commissioners to vote to Save Sharp Park Golf Course as an 18 hole golf course. There will be no more continuances or delays in taking the vote as was done at their last meeting. Immediately after listening to the speakers at the Public Hearing on Thursday,12/17, the SF Rec and Park Board of Commissioners will vote on the fate of Sharp Park Golf Course....In turn their vote/recommendation will be sent to the SF BOS for their consideration and subsequent final voting on the issue. The date for the SF BOS to make the ultimate vote on the fate of Sharp Park Golf Course has not been determined as yet...

3.I have previously compiled an accumulation of multiple reasons why this vintage golf course should be saved along with the habitat restoration of both the frog and the snake...I titled it  "The Case For Saving Sharp Park Golf Course".  It was printed yesterday on this site.Consider it the "Cliff Notes" version for saving the course...It was prepared by our allies in SF to help us focus our arguments and speeches before the two Boards(SF Rec and Park and SF BOS) next week. Please review and incorporate that which you can use in your individual speeches to both Boards... This is merely "food for thought". Your speeches are your own... This is merely background information.

Thank you all for all that you do to help us save Pacifica's little "treasure".


Remember the important dates and locations to attend:    Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 1PM(check website next week for  meeting verification date)
                                                                                                         SF BOS Gov't Audits and Oversight  Sub-Committee Public Hearing, 1PM(check SF BOS website for room number and meeting confirmation time)
                                                                                                         SF City Hall, San Francisco

                                                                                                         Thursday, December 17, 2009,2PM, Rm 416
                                                                                                         SF Rec and Park Board of Commissioner's Public Hearing (and VOTE!)
                                                                                                         SF City Hall, San Francisco(check SF Rec and Park website next week for  meeting confirmation time)        
Any questions, please feel free to contact me...                      
Barbara Arietta
Pacifica Community Coalition To Save Sharp Park Golf Course
P.O. Box 941
Pacifica, CA 94044

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