Monday, December 28, 2009

Councilmember Sue Digre Proven Correct! Our Environment IS Our Economy!

Crumbling Cliffs a Business Boon for Chit Chat Cafe!

Nothing like a good old fashioned natural disaster to bring those commercial tax dollars into the City coffers. Never has business been so good for the Chit Chat Cafe as it has been of late. The Cafe, located directly across from the crumbling cliffs of Esplanade, has customers lined up outside the door thanks to the misfortune of the residents of La Esplanade Apartments.

A sampling of these new customers finds a mix of construction and utility workers, news media personnel, tourists and disaster gawkers patronizing the normally sparsely crowded beach front cafe. Other businesses in the Manor Plaza are likewise experiencing a spike in customer traffic. 

Yes, it appears as though our environment, a crumbling and deteriorating one at that, is indeed our economy. Apparently Sue Digre has 20-20 vision while the rest of us are wearing bifocals.

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