Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speier knees Plater Soul Mates McCain and Coburn in the knuts

Julia Scott article regarding McCain and Coburn's criticism of Sharp Park recycled water project.

From the article... 

Speier said that McCain and Coburn have deliberately conflated the debate over the future of the course and the recycled water project, which will create 275 jobs and irrigate some high school playing fields in addition to the golf course — all while conserving about 50 million gallons of potable water each year. 

"This golf course is not going away. This is a classic example of trying to make half-truths make your case," she said. "The senator from Arizona probably has the highest number of golf courses per capita in his state. I'd like to ask him how many of his golf courses are irrigated with potable water when recycled water is more efficient."

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission took exception to being blamed for government "waste."

"We think the only thing that is wasteful is watering golf courses with pristine Hetch Hetchy water, and that's what this project seeks to change," said Tony Winnicker, spokesman for the SFPUC.

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