Monday, December 7, 2009

Planning Commission Meeting Tonight: Meets Legal Requirements But We Think Its Too Big

There is a Planning Commission meeting tonight in Council Chambers at 2212 Beach Boulevard at 7PM.

On the agenda is item #3, a request for development permits to build (2) three-story condominium duplexes on Santa Rosa Ave.

Agenda for Tonight's Planning Commission Meeting

Curious to note is the staff report states "the project satisfies all the Zoning Code development standards but it is inconsistent with the Design Guidelines."

In other words, its legal, but its "too big" . . . which got us wondering, perhaps Pacifica's Planning Department, while legal, might be "too big"?  Well one thing that can't be too big is an audience supporting this project.  Please show up tonight and voice your support for a development that is yet another piece to the puzzle of revitalizing the Palmetto District, and don't let the "small" thinkers hold sway.


Scotty said...

It's infuriating when the powers-that-be fight all development and insist on keeping our city in a constant state of near-bankruptcy. But it's particularly infuriating when they are also thwarting the development of a vibrant Palmetto downtown that this city needs so desperately, as in this case and with the Houmans. And it's even more infuriating when you read those "Peek at Pacifica's Past" articles in the Trib and see that this has been going on for over 40 years.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

at least they're consistent

Steve Sinai said...

What I find very annoying is that the city has zoning guidelines that don't seem to count for anything. It's very unfair to have a developer spend lots of money to buy land and develop building plans that meet zoning regs, only to find out in the end that those regs didn't really mean anything.

If the city doesn't want things to be built as high as 35 feet in that area, then take the damn zoning regulation that says things can be built to 35 feet out of the zoning rules.

And Council wonders why developers who could help Pacifica's economy don't come! Sheesh.

Lance said...

Lance sez,
Is this a precursor of what any developer of the "hole in the ground" is going to go through? Spend 2 years working on a plan then have someone in planning, who lives down the coast, decide she thinks it's too big.

Steve Sinai said...

I don't think it's a precursor, Lance. It's long-established, standard operating procedure in this town.

mike bell said...

This is just the hand-picked Planning Department and the hand-picked Planning Commission doing what they were selected to do -BLOCK DEVELOPMENT!
The real culprits are the No On Pacifica cult members who hand-picked their puppets on the Council.
These people are only interested in their own agenda and they do not care if Pacifica goes broke doing their bidding. In fact going broke is a win in their minds.
It keeps the outsiders away and sets us up for more Nanny State welfare relief.

Kathy Meeh said...

"No on Pacifica" great slogan for the destroyer "deciders".

Jeffrey W Simons said...

heard from a source that there will be some redesign and the permit application will be continued to the next meeting, but it sounds like the developer was not asked to give up as much as was indicated in the staff report. Kudoes to everyone who showed up last night to support common sense.