Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guidelines for submitting posts

I don't want to discourage anyone from submitting posts, but people have been submitting things that have been taking me 10-15 minutes (occasionally 30 minutes) each to transfer to the blog, so Mr. Wags suggested I offer a few guidelines for submitting posts.

Basically, if you can manually type something into an email, I can easily copy and paste it into the blog.  I have problems when people send me emails with an embedded web page or forward me emails they've received with lots of images and formatted text, i.e., different sized fonts, different colored fonts, bold fonts, etc.

Please try to keep the number of pictures to two or less, and the number of links to three or less. These don't transfer automatically when I do a copy and paste from an email to the blog, so I have to manually save each picture and reinsert it into the blog, and I have to manually reformat the links so that they work right.

If you want to send me a Microsoft Word document, please keep it as short and simple as possible. I have to save the file as a plain, old text file, copy it into a different text editor, and then reformat the text manually so that it looks somewhat like the original.

Rather than embedding a fancy web page in an email, please just send me the link to the web page.

Each pdf file I receive takes me about 5 minutes to transfer to the old "No on D" website, and then set up the link to point to it.

I've gotten a few emails that were forwarded chain-emails, which means that every time they were forwarded, the original message had lots of >>> characters inserted in front of each line. If there are only a few of these, I'll take them out manually, but I've received emails with dozens, if not hundreds, of these characters. Since I have to go through and delete each one manually, any email with more than a dozen or so of these won't get posted.

If anyone wants to try posting their own articles, please email and I'll give you the login id and password. It'll probably take a little practice to get things to show up correctly, but you'll be able to post whatever you'd like, in whatever format you'd like.

Steve Sinai

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