Monday, December 14, 2009

Update on this week's (and this year's) Most Important Meetings That Your Attendance Is Urgently Requested

Hello all,

Room Number Update: The room number for the December 16, 2009  SF Board of Supervisors last Public Hearing on the fate of Sharp Park Golf Course is Rm 263, second floor, SF City Hall. It is located about 25 feet down and across the hall from the SF BOS Chambers...The Public Hearing begins at 1PM. In order to get a seat, be there very early...(at least an hour or more)

If you have any questions at all about either of the two most important meetings that your attendance is most urgently needed at this week, please contact me. These two are the most important meetings of the year. We are in the "clubhouse" turn of this challenge. Let's not "fade in the stretch"...We have very strong challenges in this battle, but our strongest challenge is not to "rest on our laurels" and submit to complacency...every supportive word  for the 18 hole golf course alternative you speak, every meeting you attend will, in the end, be the ultimate determining factor in who wins and who loses this battle..
Very Important Dates to Remember:
1. Wednesday, December 16, SF BOS Audit and Gov't Oversight Sub-Committee Public Hearing, 1PM, Room 263, Second Floor, SF City Hall (This will be the last Public Hearing and opportunity for public to voice their concerns and desires before the SF BOS makes their future ultimate vote about the fate of the Sharp Park Golf Course. Upon hearing the public's comments at Wednesday's meeting, the SF BOS Sub-Committee will make a recommendation to the full SF BOS, who will, at a later date, cast the ultimate vote, after learning both the recommendations of the SF BOS sub-committee from this day's meeting and the voting results of the Rec and Park Bd of Commissioners, from the next day's meeting on December 17th).
2. Thursday, December 17, SF Rec and Park Board of Commissioners Public Hearing, 2PM, Room 416, 4th Floor, SF City Hall (This will also be the last Public Hearing of the SF Rec and Park Board of Commissioners on the fate of the Sharp Park Golf Course. They will be immediately voting after listening to the public that afternoon and that vote/recommendataion will then go to SF BOS for their ultimate vote on Sharp Park Golf Course fate.)
Also, please keep in mind that it is most important for you to arrive at least an hour earlier for each meeting in order to get a seat in the main Hearing Room, rather than be placed in a holding room down the hall or onto another floor entirely.

Barbara Arietta
Chair, Pacifica Community Coalition To Save Sharp Park Golf Course (PCC)
P.O. Box 941
Pacifica, Ca 94044

If any questions, please

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