Monday, December 14, 2009

Hot Off the Presses Monday Afternoon Update to December 17th Rec and Park Commissioners Meeting

Hello once again,

No sooner had I sent out my email to you all this afternoon when I received the above attached agenda that had just been published by the Rec and Park Board of Commissioners for its upcoming meeting this Thursday, December 17, 2009. As those of you familiar with the posting of the Agenda for public meetings know, it is the rule that the Agenda has to be published 72 hours before a that doesn't always happen, but it did this afternoon and it looks like there have been some refinements and clarifications made to the public meeting on Thursday, December 17, 2009 of the SF Rec and Park Board of Commissioners concerning the Sharp Park Issues.

There are now two Sharp Park items on the Agenda for December 17, 2009. And the Agenda reads as follows:

Presentation and discussion only on the findings and recommendations contained in the Sharp Park Sea Wall Evaluation Report. (DISCUSSION ONLY)

Discussion and possible action to adopt the General Manager’s recommendation to proceed with the recovery plan for the San Francisco Garter Snake and California Red Legged-Frog and to preserve an 18-hole golf course at Sharp Park. This item is continued from the November 19, 2009 Recreation and Park Commission meeting. Public comment was received and closed. (ACTION ITEM)

Q. What does this mean?

A.  It looks like they will be discussing the Sharp Park Sea Wall and taking public comment on that issue, which to all those that live in either the West Sharp Park or Fairway Park neighborhoods know is a highly important issue. All those that live in those areas especially SHOULD definitely be prepared to tell the Rec and Park Board of Commissioners your issues and concerns about the sea wall being taken down as Brent Plater and the CBD have been talking about. This is a critical point. The impact of flooding, not only the golf course, but the increased risk developed by extended waters from the Pacifica Ocean being allowed in is a definite point of high concern to the adjoining neighborhoods, and is quite definitely no little matter. And, one does not need to live in those neighborhoods to speak on behalf of keeping that sea wall. We all live in this town and any bad impact on one section of our city will be a negative impact on all of us in the long run...

Q. Can you speak to the general issue of selecting the 18 holf golf course alternative when Agenda Item 11 comes up?

It appears public comment has been closed on Agenda Item Number 11 and the public comment from Thursday November 19th will be the official testimony considered...but you never know what might happen on Thursday, December 17th. Having been to many of their meetings, it sometimes changes at the last minute. However, at this point your physical presence and vocal support of the seawall is imminently important. Your presence overall for both issues is equally important, especially, if those that would lobby to close down Sharp Park Golf Course appear in the audience as they have done in the last recent meetings with posters and silent signage being held up to the faces of the various presenters and deliberating Boards, requesting that "Sharp Park be Restored!"...and we all know what that means....It also appears that this will definitely be the "action" meeting, wherein the Board will make their vote on which golf course alternative they recommend to the SF Board of Supervisors...and you will be the first to know what they voted!!!

For those of you who also want to put your comments in writing, please comply with the Rec and Park Board of Commissioners request below between now and Thursday:

Persons attending the meeting and those unable to attend may submit written comments regarding the subject of the meeting.  Such comments will be made part of the official public record and will be brought to the attention of the Commission.  Written comments should be submitted to:

Jim Lazarus, President
Recreation and Park Commission
McLaren Lodge, Golden Gate Park

501 Stanyan Street
San Francisco, CA  94117-1898
Fax (415) 831-2096

Hope to you on both Wednesday and Thursday at City Hall!


Barbara Arietta
Chair, Pacifica Community Coaltion To Save Sharp Park Golf Course(PCC)
P.O. Box 941
Pacifica, Ca 94044

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