Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rocks Lowered One by One to Protect Esplanade

Wow, it only took the Coastal Commission 2 years to approve the permits . . . reading the comments by noted pro-development experts like Larry Rosenstein and disgraced former Planning Commissioner Todd Bray over on Riptide (in regards to the local permit approval process), this was a rush job.


Kathy Meeh said...

Okay adding revetment to the 300 block of Esplanade was a "rush job" that came to city council about 6 months ago, and the coastal commission approved this month. Permits were pulled 2 YEARS AGO. So, what happened to cause the delay between 1 1/2 years ago through Planning and City Council 6 months ago, and to the coastal commission between 6 months ago and this month? Seems like a long lag-time to fix an urgent situation.

Steve, the technical points Larry Rosenstein on Riptide may be correct advancing such improvement as the empty building infill at Pedro point. Overall is business friendly, economic improvement happening in the city of Pacifica? Plenty of empty stores, the dollar store and golf course concessions (restaurant and pro shop) were among the top 27 income producers, kind of ridiculous and embarrassing "snap shot" of Pacifica from my view. And, Larry said the Horizons development would have required an "amendment to the Rockaway Beach Specific Plan" (not sure what that reference amounts to); the project was approved but it took an expensive 3 years toll on the developer. As is too often the case, the economic improvement streets of Pacifica are littered with delayed, blocked, and bankrupt developer dead bodies.

Anonymous said...

I sure won't support paying taxes to pay for people who build houses in erosion zones. Hope their insurance is paid up!