Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pacifica looking into charging for Parking at Lindmar State Beach

I support charging for parking at our state beach. I like the one dollar an hour fee.Kids can afford a few quarters. What concerns me is the City Council is considering hiring a park ranger to look over the parking. I was thinking maybe it would be better if it were city maintenance crews that could monitor and report abuses. I do not want a park ranger walking up to me and telling me what I can and cannot do on our beach. I am a responsible citizen and do not need a babysitter. What has happened in SF is a perfect example why we would not want to go in the same direction. I also do not like how we need to check with the Coastal Commission for every parking decision the city needs to make.Eventually all decisions end up in a environmental lawyers hands. I guess I need to remind myself; be careful what I wish for. No more Park Rangers!

Submitted by: Kathleen Rogan


Anonymous said...

Plenty of free parking out at nearby Ocean Beach in SF. Great waves too! No reason to come to Pacifica now. Congratulations!

Scotty said...

Yeah, we'd hate to scare away a bunch of deadbeats who can't afford a couple of dollars for parking. Think of all the revenue they'd pour into our city's coffers!

Pacifica Truth Police said...

This certainly gives the appearance of being discriminatory against a group of people who utilize a particular recreational activity and location. To be fair, we should also be charging parking for:

1. Fishermen and users of the Sharp Park pier
2. Users of Sharp Park Beach and the levee
3. Golfers at Sharp Park Golf Course
4. Families who use the many parks and playgrounds in Pacifica (e.g., Frontierland)
5. Hikers who utilize the many "our environment is our economy" hiking trails
6. Swimmers at Oceana High
7. Tennis players who utilize any of the public courts
8. Public library users
9. Community Center visitors
10. Picknickers and barbecuers at any of the designated public parks
11. Users of the Skate Park
12. Dog walkers at the designated city dog parks (strike that, there aren't any)

I'm sure there are more. You get the idea. Funny how all of the creative energy in this town goes into ways to gouge the peeps with more fees and taxes rather than to encourage business traffic and redevelopment to boost the economy. Asking people to keep digging deep into their pockets in this economy is cruel and unusual.

Woman in a Frog Costume said...

What's wrong with you people? A few years ago I wrote a letter to the Tribune suggesting speed traps to make money. Why doesn't anyone listen?

Maximus Decimus Meridius said...

Interesting idea WIAFC! I'm thinking about pay per view (both live and on PCT26) gladiator death matches where we use off leash dog walkers and deadbeat surfers as participants. We can use the old sewer plant as the arena - it has that ancient Rome relic look and feel about it. Of course, we will also charge for parking and we can set up a speed trap right at Clarendon.

Scotty said...

Yes, God forbid we do like your crazy item #3 and charge golfers to use Sharp Park, or do anything nutso like your #6 and ask the swimmers to pay for swimming. Oh, wait... we do that now.

LET'S CHARGE EVERYONE INSTEAD!!!! That way we can make sure that the people who care the least are charged the most!!!! What a great idea! That's not socialism!!! Allowing people to actually pay to enjoy their preferred form of recreation, instead of turning it into a free snake and frog refuge, is just kookie talk.

Lord protect me from Sarah Palin fans who have goals similar to mine, even if tangentially. Their retard strength evidently does not translate into brain power.

Kathleen Rogan said...

I guess I am the only one thinking of the future. Future economies look grim, especially for California. Redevelopment, I am a huge supporter of. But, it looks like there may not be any money/credit for any developing in the future. Elected politicians in this state would like nothing better than to do away with prop 13 and raise taxes on everyone sky high, complaining there is no longer any more money to pay city services and government employess, entitlements, so they have to increase taxes on property owners, taxpayers. I only wish to charge for parking to help create new revenue. It is an idea that needs to be evaluated. You will be forced to choose. You are stuck in a hard spot. They got you good. Believe it or weep.

Pacifica Truth Police said...

Scotty, if you had the intelligence to read and understand my previous post you might possibly comprehend that I am talking specifically about parking and nothing else - and only to make a point. Try and get over your Palin obsession and pay more attention to what you are responding to.

Also, just two words for you Scotchman: "anger management".