Friday, October 24, 2014

Vote to fix this city, affect change

Pacifica has to be something more than a Park,
we live in this city.  We need a better economy.
Fix this city, or not,  is the core city council candidate issue for the Fall election.  Fix this city's structural problems:  1) significant economic development is needed to produce revenue; 2) highway 1 widening (Rockaway through Vallemar intersections.1.3 miles) to improve traffic flow.  Nothing new about either of these outstanding city issues.

7 candidates running for city council:  3 votes, choices are:

1.  Fix this city:  Economic development, and highway 1 widening, (a 10 year researched, funded project; supported by prior city councils): 1) Victor Spano, 2) Therese Dyer, 3) Mike O'Neill, 4) Eric Ruchames (library advocate).

2.  Gang of NO:  anti-development, and anti-highway widening (unscheduled, unfunded suggested "alternatives", PH1A 2-month petition effort from "the community", 63% Pacifica, 18% Oakland, etc.):  1) Sue Digre, 2) John Keener, 3) Matt Dougherty (lacks experience).

If we are focused on core city issues and those who might affect change, voting for 3 city council member should be just that easy.  Our votes are just that serious, affecting our city today and in the future.

Note:  The above article was sent to the Pacifica Tribune letters-to-the-editor, "Vote to fix this city" by Kathy Meeh. I personally voted for Victor Spano, Therese Dyer and Mike O'Neill. 

Information for submitting YOUR articles to Fix Pacifica is shown upper left of this blog, (and if add a photograph added any caption and your source link).     Photograph by Molly Blaisdell from Examiner/Liesure/Travel/Molly Blaisdell, 6/30/14, "Three perfect days in Pacifica, CA.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Kathy Meeh's endorsements are the kiss of death.

God bless you for sending this in to the Tribune as well, Kathy.

I hope you included that part about our votes "affecting our city today in the future." Is that supposed to be English?

Don't ever stop. Please, oh please, keep endorsing those clowns!!!

Kathy Meeh said...

1208, we'll see if progress prevails over rot in this city.

Thank you for editing. That typo correction adding "and" within the text of the last sentence has been made. Stated as, "Our votes are just that serious, affecting our city today and in the future."

Sounds like you'd make a good secretary for someone. Your comment isn't very "god" like, but I'll accept the "god bless".

Anonymous said...

10 days to go! Most absentees have already voted. We need a big finish for those poll voters, don't we? Something spectacular. By Pacifica standards anyhow.

Kathy Meeh said...

1256, good point. Absentee ballots mail by Tuesday, October 28th. Otherwise, walk them or you into your voting precinct Tuesday, November 4th.

Hutch said...

Can we keep track of all these moronic comments like "Kathy is the kiss of death" and post them all after Greener loses by a landslide?

Kathy Meeh said...

Not so fast Hutch, 502. When NIMBIES lose their elections, I'll try to find a nice "kiss of death" photograph for them, and post it. They seem to like the theme.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kathy/Hutch, post whatever, but don't try to kiss anybody! Oh no, no no no. No.