Thursday, October 9, 2014

City council endorsement walks like a duck

  Keener and Maybury duck
Pacifica Tribune, 10/8/14, Letters to the Editor.  "Not Tribune endorsed by John Keener."

"Editor: There has been some confusion concerning John Maybury's endorsement of my campaign, John Keener for Pacifica City Council. His endorsement was published in a full-page ad in Coastal Connections, a sister publication to the Tribune, and appeared on a postcard mailed to Pacifica voters. 

The endorsement read "John Maybury -- Pacifica Riptide & Tribune." This was an identification of John Maybury as a blogger (Pacifica Riptide) and as a columnist (the Tribune), and was not a suggestion that the Tribune endorses me.

At the request of Horace Hinshaw, editor of the Pacifica Tribune, future endorsements of me by John Maybury will not identify him with the Tribune. I apologize for any confusion."

Note photograph from The Flamingo South Beach - South Tower- Truth.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Cynic Sam said...

Keener is against anything that involves building, repairing, progress, you know, supporting out economy. Doubt it, watch a little of the Pacifica Eradication Family forum.

Anonymous said...

How about a council agenda?