Monday, October 6, 2014

New Economic and Community Development Director, South San Francisco

The Daily Journal/10/4/14.  "South City selects new Economic and Community Development director."

South City brands its business mission
"The city of South San Francisco has announced the appointment of Alex Greenwood as the new Economic and Community Development director effective Sept. 29.

South City is a big spot on the map near Pacifica
“South San Francisco has a vibrant and entrepreneurial economy,” City Manager Mike Futrell said in the release. “We are very excited that Alex will lead our economic development efforts in the future, continuing the city’s culture of innovation.”

Alex will lead the department in spearheading the city’s economic community development, community development block grant, and building and planning programs, according to a press release."   Read more.

Related articles -  Everything South City (electronic local news), Editor, 10/3/14, Submitted by South San Francisco.  "SSF Introduces Economic and Community Development Director Alex Greenwood."  "South San Francisco has a vibrant and entrepreneurial economy,” stated City Manager Mike Futrell. “We are very excited that Alex will lead our economic development efforts in the future, continuing the City’s culture of innovation.” 

...  As ECD Director, Alex will provide guidance on various economic development activities, promoting ongoing commercial projects, light industrial and commercial project developments, expanded retail development and local labor force enhancement programs. He will also work with economic development groups and organizations at local, regional, state and national levels to execute economic development strategies."  "Compensation and Benefits"/Editor, 7/1/14.

Related City of South San Francisco,  City-data.     Note graphic map of South City from  Bay Area Drop In.  Photograph of South San Francisco sign/United airplane by Been Dranking from San Francisco Citizen.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Sue Digre said all remain calm Pacifica had a tacqura open in Fairmont shopping center.

This city council would fail running a brothel in a port town and couldn't manage a water stand in the desert.

Gumby said...

The Westborough Square is a great redevelopment. Great job they did with that one. Many of my pacifica freinds go to the coffee shop there to get mint mohitos. The Pacifica Asian market is huge and has lots of stuff. many cool restaurants open or under construction. Nice modern design. Imagine Manor spiffed up like that!

Anonymous said...

The Serramonte Plaza is a nice project also. Replaced Office Depot, Sports Authority, and The TV store/Mattress store with new stores.

A new Sprouts Market, Sprouts I really like!!