Thursday, October 16, 2014

PBCPAC endorsed City Council candidates

Pacifica Tribune,  Letters to the Editor, 10/14/14.  "O'Neill-Ruchames-Spano for Council" by Jim Wagner, Chair, PBCPAC

"Editor:  The Pacifica Business & Community Political Action Committee has endorsed and made a donation to city council candidates Victor Spano, Eric Ruchames and Mike O'Neill for the Nov. 4 election.

All voices, some progress,
improved accountability
Candidates Spano, Ruchames and O'Neill are fully competent to manage a $40 million dollar city budget for 40,000 residents. They have a proven background in balancing budgets, sustainable economic promotion, and a commitment to maintain Pacifica as a great place to live and to raise a family.

They believe in cooperative efforts to focus on the details, and will listen to and respect the voices of all voters in this diverse community.

Ruchames and O'Neill have modernized Pacifica schools on time and on budget. Spano has a great new idea, create a Golden Gate Recreation Area visitor center in Rockaway Beach. GGNRA should rent a currently vacant Rockaway Beach store to create a visitor center and to draw more tourists into town to stay for lunch.

Pacifica desperately needs guidance on council. We have seen million dollar budget transfers, that had no oversight, that occurred eleven years ago. Funds are transferred with no record of the repayment terms or conditions or idea what they were used for. Budget oversight is too important to leave it to someone that does not understand how to exercise that oversight. This must stop.

Ruchames, O'Neill, and Spano will bring experience, oversight, and innovation to our City Council. This is leadership we need on Council!"

Note:  The acronym PBCPAC stands for Pacifica Business and Community Political Action Committee. They co-sponsored the first city council forum with San Mateo County Association of Realtors (SAMCAR)."

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

"Spano has a great new idea, create a Golden Gate Recreation Area visitor center in Rockaway Beach. GGNRA should rent a currently vacant Rockaway Beach store to create a visitor center and to draw more tourists into town to stay for lunch."

A great new idea? Didn't the chamber previously have a relationship / visibility with GGNRA that ended several years ago with a change in how the chamber was managed? Isn't the role of the chamber to draw tourists into town to stay for lunch? Haven't seen or heard anything visionary or new from Mr. Spano. (Will likely be voting for Mike O'Neill; even though he is being endorsed by the PBCPAC won't hold that against him.)

Anonymous said...

well the way Spano explains this, he wants GGNRA to pay rent and staff the center. Get some better signage up. Chamber had a table with a dead seal on it.

Hutch said...

Victor Spano has many good ideas. Making it easier for people to get their sewer fees reassessed is just one. He has proven he can bring in new business. He's done it in Daly City with hotels and restaurants. And Victor also offered crucial support in getting the Holiday Inn Express the new rooms it wanted here.

He was against the phone tax and that's important too. Something none of the others except Therese fought against.

Victor walks the walk.

Anonymous said...

I just want someone who can count.

Anonymous said...

GGNRA owns half the town. You think they're going to pay rent?

Anonymous said...

Keep walking Victor.

Anonymous said...

The Chamber is a powerless group run by a group of toxic individuals who have managed to alienate and divide their own membership, causing many to head for the hills like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

Anyone associating themselves with this bumbling cast of misfits does so at their peril.

Anonymous said...

Chamber is just a bunch of bozos looking for another excuse to drink and eat!

Anonymous said...

I've got a picture around here somewhere-- it's great. State senator Jerry Hill comes to an event in Pacifica and there are the chamber clowns posing with him in shorts and hawaiian shirts. Classy.

You're meeting with Jerry Hill to discuss his policies and you show up dressed like it's some frat party -- the chamber LEADERS!

God damn, you're complete embarrassments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 944, what's that about? It's the equivalent of my grandma's muumuus. Remember those? She never left the house in them.

Anonymous said...

Did someone hide Todd Bray's medication again? Several very angry posts from him in a row.

carl said...

Sounds like a bunch of the Gang of No worried already about another voice of reason in town.

carl said...

Anytime a group comes forward with a moderate voice to quell some of this no nothing never crap I'm in. The vast majority of Pacifica wants something here. It's a compromise. I would think that over 50% open space would be enough for frogs and such other creatures. Seems a 50/50 split is fair. Let's build something here, not wait for the nobies to say "I have a better plan" and have that end up being a 30 year secret.