Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pacifica School District candidates, Fall election 2014

Any relevant comments about candidates are appreciated.   

Don't worry about you're future,
you've got us.
Pacifica School District/Jane Northrop, 9/23/14.  "Pacifica School District candidates answer questions."

"All the candidates running for a seat on the Pacifica School District board answered a few questions from the Tribune and provided a candidate's statement. Kathy Shiokari, Elizabeth Bredall, Richard Faust, Laverne Villalobos."  Read article. 

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Richard B. Faust, Parent, Firefighter-Paramedic, PTO board member 8 years. (website currently migrates to Go Daddy). 
Elizabeth A. Bredall.  Parent, School Office Administrator, Founding Member of Music Matters in Pacifica.
Kathryn M. Shiokari.  Parent, Library Aide.
Laverne Villalobos.  Parent, Administrative Assistant, volunteer, PTO Board. Edna Flyn volunteer of the year award 2011, Mayor's Diversity Award 2013.

Note photograph from Inside Aldine.

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