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Affordable housing, San Jose

Future Diridon Station Area - Facing Downtown San Jose
15 years in the future, projected view
Diridon station area, offices, housing 
Diridon Station San Jose November-2005.jpg
Affordable housing will be located
near Diridon Caltrain Station
San Jose Mercury News/Bay Area News/Mark Emmons, 9/29/14.  "San Jose affordable housing proposal heads to city council."

....  "The City Council will consider a proposal Tuesday night to rezone the property on Park Avenue, near Diridon Station, to allow for 100 senior units and another 82 for families. The development would target households earning between $21,000 and $63,000 per year -- an income bracket that is being squeezed by Santa Clara County's tight housing market.  

....  This project, however, would provide just a small fraction of the affordable housing needed in the county, which has a shortage of nearly 54,000 units for the lowest-income workers, according to the California Housing Partnership."  Read article.

Reference -  California Housing Partnership, "California's experts on affordable housing finance, advocacy and policy."    "The California Housing Partnership Corporation is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping government and nonprofit housing agencies preserve and expand the supply of affordable homes for lower-income households throughout California." 

Related articles -  The San Jose blog, 3/18/14. "Affordable housing project opening in East San Jose.  MultifamilyBiz, 5/22/12,"Sustainable affordable housing opens in San Jose." Spur Organization/Leah Toeniskoetter, Director, 8/9/12. "New challenges to funding affordable housing in San Jose." "SPUR believes it is important to increase the supply of housing at all income levels; when designed and located well, housing can become a tool for strengthening neighborhoods and local economies. We also believe that one type of housing need not be built at the expense of another. Instead, we must work collaboratively to obtain the necessary financial resources and regulatory tools to build it all.We hope the city’s inclusionary housing ordinance will be reinstated, and that San Jose will be able to find new resources to help construct badly needed affordable housing."

Note:  photograph night view of Diridon Station Caltrain Station near the proposed Park Avenue affordable housing site from Wikipedia.  California high-speed trains at Diridon Station projected view from SF street blog/California high-speed rail authority. "Electrified Caltrain, BART, high-speed rail, and BRT lines will all connect at Diridon Station in 15 years. Mid-rise office and housing development are planned for the area."

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