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Pacifica, US Census demographic statistics, and others

Pacifica, CA, selective demographics from the United States Census Bureau, "People Quick facts."

Statistics trend more or less consistent,
and most data is reasonably correct
Population:  38,606 estimate (2013); 37,234 (2010).  White (not Hispanic) 55.6%, Asian 19.4%, Hispanic 16.8%.  Female 51.1%, male 48.9%.  Under age 18, 26.10%; age 65+, 12.1% (2010). 

Education:  High school graduate +, 95.4%, Bachelor's degree +, 40.3%. (age 25+ 2008-2012). 

Housing:  Units 14,523 (2010);  multi-unit structures 18.7%, ownership 70.1%, individuals per household 2.66 (2008-12). 

Transportation:  Mean travel time to work (age 16+) 28.2 minutes.  Per capita income $43,089, median household income $96,014.  Below poverty level 4.6%. (2008-12). 

Pacifica retail sales:   $177,475, per capita $4,826 (2007).    

Transportation to work (age 16+):  19, 957:  car, truck or van, 16,991 (85.1%), drive alone 14,819 (74.3%), carpooled 2,172 (10.9%), public transportation 1,299 (6.5%), worked at home 1,055 (5.3%), other 612, 3.10%. (2006-2010).  CA Bay Area Govt. Census.

Estimated annual household income in thousands:  Less than 15 (4.89%), 15-20 (1.86%), 20-30 (5.06%), 30-40 (5.77%), 40-50 (5.18%), 50-60 (7.08%), 60-75 (7.99%), 75-100 (14.61%), 100-150 (24.19%), 150-200 (12.29%), 200+ (11.10%).  Sperlings/Best places. Income per capita is stated the same as US Census:  '...  $43,089, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $96,014".  Unemployment is stated as 4.90%, "with job growth of 1.66%. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 38.40%." The future data could be a rosy scenario, another reason for Caltrans to fix our highway 1 traffic bottleneck.

Population by occupation:  Management, business, finance (17.76%), engineering, computers, science (8.50%), community, social services (1.58%), legal (1.57%), education, library (6.33%), arts, design, media, sports, entertainment (2.87%), healthcare, practitioners and technology (7.23%), healthcare support (2.13%), firefighters, law enforcement (2.99%), food preparation, servicing (4.46%), building maintenance (3.39%), personal care (3.16%), sales, office, administrative support (24.70%), farming, fishing, forestry (0.13%), construction, extraction, maintenance/repair (7.44%), production, transportation, material moving (5.75%).  Sperlings/Best places.

Real Estate statistics:  Based upon total households of 14,103:  9,900 family, 4,203 non-family. With children 4,404, without children 9,699, average individuals per household 2.69.  San Francisco Association of Realtors.  Also see Movoto.   

Statistical variation.  Clearly there are variations in the statistics above.  The date and the data should account for most of that, example City-Data  lists city population at 38,189 (2012).  But, there are other variations, some in the Real Estate statics.  And Surburban Statistics, an internet organization which charts demographics throughout the USA, claims the population in Pacifica is 37,234 (2014 and 2013), (-1,372 from US Census 2013, that is quite a variation in data).     Note:  Graphic from Java code geeks developers resource center.

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Anonymous said...

Roughly 48% have annual HOUSEHOLD HOUSEHOLD HOUSEHOLD income of over $100K. Per capita including all adults and kids is $43K. Pretty impressive if you don't live in the Bay Area or don't acknowledge the number of salaries in a household that go into those numbers.

Anonymous said...

Average of 2 working adults per HOUSEHOLD comes out to $50K income for the people paying the taxes to support the $100-$200K plus salaries of city workers.

Anonymous said...

Waaawaaa. They're sure welcome to apply for those higher paying jobs. Just put in the work and years to acquire the education, skills and experience and move on up. Get real!

Anonymous said...

You mean the extensive skills and experience like emptying garbage cans at the beach? Cleaning out sewer lines? Driving a shuttle? Stopping kids from spraying graffiti? How about standing around watching while your co-workers dig a hole? Or filling pot holes? All city jobs paying 80-150K.

Anonymous said...

957 I have no idea what you might be able to do. Dream big. Envy makes you old and bitter. Self-limiting.