Sunday, October 5, 2014

Look back, transformation of "The Prospects" concept, will it get built?

0 Fassler, Pacifica, CA 94044
Pristine land to include humans,
in 24 condominium units, if all goes well.
San Jose Mercury News/Jane Northrop, 3/18/14.  "Planning Commission studies proposed development on Fassler Avenue."

"Planning Commission met Monday in a study session about building 24 condominium units on an 11-acre vacant lot at 801 Fassler Avenue northwest of the Sea Crest condos. The commisioners supported the projects but would require an updated traffic study.

....  The new owner proposes a different shape and layout -- 24 townhomes with four units clustered in each of the six buildings. Vehicular access will be a loop road to the buildings, the two garages and 12 guest parking spaces.----  The site boasts unobstructed ocean views.

....  The units range in size from 1,300-2,100 square feet. Six buildings of two and three stories are proposed with four units in each building. Each unit will have a two-car garage."   Read article.  

Related - Fix Pacifica Planning Commission article advisement, 3/17/14, Study Session for 801 Fassler Avenue.  Note:  801 Fassler Avenue from a prior Fix Pacifica  article (Planning Commission meeting, 7/2/12), originally from Zillow. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

By posting this you just gave the gang of no massive strokes.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, years if not decades of construction noise. YIPPIE!!!! What tedium.

Anonymous said...

It's ok 449, we will name a trail in their memory.

Anonymous said...

Great place for 24 condos. Killer views. The original approval was for 34 not 24. Guess they'll be pricier. Might need a traffic light on Fassler so they can leave the property. Why not? Slow that speedway down.

Cyrus the Cynic said...

Is this the Rick Lee project area that got Nancy Hall and John Curtis' approval? Oh, I mean, Council's approval.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, another phoenix rising from the ashes of the recession. No longer Rick Lee's project and the new owner wants fewer units and other design changes. Rick's from 2008 had trails and quite a bit of open space within the 11 acres. PC revisited the project in March and recommended no rubber stamp under the old permit. Let's see how fast this revised project moves forward. Hey, do we have a new Planning Director yet?

Anonymous said...


City Staff have to bring their pencils and toilet paper from home To work. Tinfow and Mary Ann left a few bars of soap in the bathroom, from the last seminar they went to.

Things are lean down at city hall.