Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sierra Club 2014 endorses their "green" city council candidates

Loma Prieta Sierra Club Endorsement Issue, pdf pages 8.  "Election Insight, 2014, October, 2014."

The Sierra Club fails this city again.
The "green" this city needs is cash
"Thanks to our hosts, endorsement team members and team leaders"/Ann Schneider, Co-chair, political committee." ....  "Most of our readers will know reporter John Maybury who has written a column for the Chapter's newsletter for many years.  This year, John made the jump to team member and also wrote the article for Pacifica endorsees.  In addition, he has added some sage advise to our Endorsement Article Template. Thanks John for helping us become better writers," (page 2). 

....  See John Maybury, Loma Prieta Sierra Club, Pacifica Endorsement Team Member, (page 4):  "Re-elect Pacifica's Green Council member Sue Digre"; "Elect highway-widening for John Keener". 

Comment:  Remember the Sierra Club does not support our city economy, our need for significant economic development, or even our 1.3 mile highway modernization (widening).  The Sierra Club worked against our quarry development in 2006 along with other regional "environmental" groups, see No on L.  This is our city, protect it and our citizens who live here, reject these candidates.  John Maybury no longer lives here, should he campaign to choose our city council members?
Note photograph:  heads in sand from National Public Radio. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Carl said...

Do I detect a smoking gun?

Anonymous said...

So it's pretty clear john maybury was pushing his column to assist Keener and Digre. Maybe a month and a half ago, the Sierra Club interview team was selected and Maybury was a member. His column drum beat starts on the highway and other topics that help Keener and Digre who then are endorsed. Well played!!

Anonymous said...

819 You're surprised by this or just milking the obvious? Old news, if it was ever news.

Kathy Meeh said...

901, this may not be news to you personally, it may be news with an explanation mark for others. Whereas those who submit political letters-to-the-editor may write one article, up to 250 words, the Wandering and Wondering column has had an open forum. Kind of lopsided NIMBY political assault on city intelligence, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be lop-sided if the paper allowed/searched for a column of another persuasion. Surely the talent exists. Present other viewpoints. Preferable to censorship.

Anonymous said...

Maybury's politial agenda was news to one person, his Tribune editor. And Maybury gets suspended. Transparency is important. Poorly played Mr Maybury.

Carl said...

The Tribune hasn't censored anyone. The rules were wantonly violated with complete understanding of what he was doing. Would one call it, Rovian!
All the babble on the other stream on this blog defending Maybury was more misdirection on the Gang-of-No's part. Tough when the lead up plan is exposed for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Haha Maybury's been Maybury for years, through several election cycles. There's a new interim editor flexing and fumbling along. Balance Maybury's column with one of an opposing view. That's what real newspapers do. Of course that's beyond the Pathetica Tribune so we get censorship instead. Oh well, John will have more time to work on other things.

Anonymous said...

if it's ugly, no one will want to stay here. Turn Pacifica into another Torrance, California and you'll get a ... Torrance California: somewhere to move away from.

as far as the paper -- The Trib keeps it pretty one-sided so there's no 'controversy'.