Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10 years later San Carlos Transit Village almost approved

Eco-NIMBY led group complaints helped reduce and delay this project.  Now they whine its not dense enough.  When is enough, enough from these anti-development, anti-progress groups? 

The Daily Journal (San Mateo County), Michelle Durand, 10/7/14.  "New San Carlos Transit Village plan draws praise."

New San Carlos Village design 46% smaller,
bye, bye underground parking.
"The new 6.26-acre Transit Village site bounded by El Camino Real and the Caltrain tracks will include six three-story residential buildings and two two-story office and retail buildings, a public plaza between the two commercial buildings and the historic train depot and a transit center. The complex will include 202 rental units, recreational facilities and 25,8000 square feet of commercial space.The new design is 46 percent smaller in overall square footage but the site’s orientation is largely the same, Principal Planner Lisa Porras said.

....  Not everyone was as thrilled with the shorter development. Bonnie McClure, on behalf of the Sierra Club Loma Prieta chapter, wished the project still had the greater density and asked about electric vehicle parking spaces. 

....  The City Council approved the project on a 4-1 vote last November after roughly a decade of planning, protest and public hearings. Based on concerns that included shadowing, traffic and noise, the council imposed conditions such as the height limits which Legacy said at the time would prove prohibitive. The council also capped the units at 233 and agreed to let Legacy Partners to build 10 percent of units with half each for moderate and low affordability. The new transit center design will need to come back to the Planning Commission for review at a future date.    Read more.

Reference -  City of San Carlos Planning Original project.  Prior Fix Pacifica reprinted articles, "search this blog":  San Carlos Transit Village.

So far, no developer is dumb enough
to come back to Pacifica, and
propose a
"pristine" Quarry Village
--- those weeds, so cute!
Related article - San Jose Mercury News/Peninsula/Daily News, Bonnie Eslinger, staff.  "New version of San Carlos Transit Village comes without underground parking garage."  .... "With the reduction of stories and apartments, "the economics of the project no longer support the construction of underground parking," states a staff memo for Monday's meeting. As a result, parking will be at ground level, some of it in residential garages."....  But Ben Fuller, founder of the Greater East San Carlos Neighborhood Association that led the charge against the original Transit Village's tall buildings and density, said the group now is willing to "support the current project and move onto the next issue."

Related Pacifica quarry -   Inside Bay Area/Julia Scott, 6/16/09, "Economy making it difficult to sell Pacifica quarry."  .... "The 86-acre Rockaway Quarry has seen more dog-walkers than potential developers touring the site since it went on sale in March. The former limestone quarry with a troubled past has only been officially marketed to commercial developers since last week, but no offers have been forthcoming."  

And here's a separate quarry development proposal, date unknown. Kirk Miller Master Planning, "Pacifica Town Center":  1,000 housing units proposed, cut by say 46%, leaves only 460 housing units. With all that new city revenue from housing. we're all happy, right eco-NIMBIES?  "460 toilets flushing, all at the same time",  (remember that similar complaint against  proposed 355 housing units, Measure L 2006?  Very creative, but the need for a city "down down", housing, services, jobs,  revenue failed with the No on L campaign against city development and progress.

Note graphic/photograph:  San Carlos Transit Village rendering courtesy of the City of San Carlos from the Mercury news article.  Pacifica quarry "for sale" sign from the Inside Bay Area article.

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