Friday, October 31, 2014

Vote for the future of this city

"Support for O'Neill, Spano and Ruchames" by Richard Shafer

Vote for city progress candidates
"Editor: On November 4, the election for City Council will be critical to the future of Pacifica. That's why I will be voting for Mike O'Neill, Victor Spano, and Eric Ruchames.

I am basing my vote on experience. Mike O'Neill has served us well as a city councilmember for the past two years, and on the Pacifica School District board for 14 years. He has been extensively involved with local groups including the Pacifica Resource Center, Boys and Girls Club, PTOs, and thePacifica Spindrift Players.

Victor Spano brings a wealth of experience in community and economic development planning and public works management including 20 years of employment in these positions.

Eric Ruchames has served on the Pacifica School District board for 10 years and was a Pacifica police officer for almost 30 years, as well as being a volunteer member of the Pacifica Library Foundation.

These candidates are invested in our city and will strike a balance between the economy and the environment, and move Pacifica in a positive direction. Please join me in voting for Mike O'Neill, Eric Ruchames, and Victor Spano."

Note:  photograph/graphic from "Defend our Future" organization, from the tcktcktck website.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

This is the unions' dream ticket. It's catch up time.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Keener (Greener) ONeill, Digree is a vote for bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Yes - people who know what they're doing and can bargain smart and fair. Elect the Digre, Keener & Dougherty ticket (any union knowledge or experience there at all?) and they (we) would get rolled over. It would be the nightmare ticket.