Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gypsy Hill Rezoning

Just saw this article on Gypsy Hill on the Riptide blog. Several weeks ago,m I had commented on fixpacifica.com about the feasibility of rezoning Gypsy Hill as commercial. Unknown to me at the time, it appears that a portion of Gypsy Hill already has that zoning and building homes on that portion of the property would require a modification of the General Plan. I still feel that an office park or other commercial venture at that location is worth exploring if indeed, Pacifica is serious about increasing revenue via a commercial base. Perhaps you can share this article with your readers.


Dan Murray
Opinion: Gypsy Hill Project Requires Change in General Plan
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Hutch said...

What is Keener talking about "We had no early warning about Harmony @ One"?

This project was gone over and modified by queen Nancy Hall herself years ago. The Pacifica enviro leaders put in all their requests for green building and sustainable designs which were agreed on and incorporated into these designs. Now Greener wants to oppose It? Hmmm and they wonder why they're called the gang-of-no.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, Hutch. Don't you go trying to understand or explain what John Keener is saying.