Friday, October 10, 2014

Community Colleges tax, Fall ballot Measure H

New parcel owner tax to keep improving our three (3) San Mateo County Community Colleges.

San Jose Mercury News/Daily News/Bonnie Eslinger, Staff, 10/8/14. "$167,000 poured into campaign for San Mateo County Community College District bond measure." 

"The campaign pushing a $388 million facilities improvement bond measure for the San Mateo County Community College District has collected more than $167,000 in donations, largely from construction-related companies, according to the latest finance reports.

If approved, the bond measure that district board members last month unanimously voted to put on the Nov. 4 ballot would cost property owners $8.22 per $100,000 of assessed value.  At least 55 percent of voters need to approve the measure for it to pass."   Read article.

Related articleThe Daily Journal (San Mateo), Editorial, 9/10/14. "Editorial:  Yes on Masure H."  "The San Mateo County Community College District and its three campuses, College of San Mateo, CaƱada College in Redwood City and Skyline College in San Bruno, serve approximately 40,000 students from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of goals in their education. .... 
The district has made significant improvements to its campuses through two earlier bond measures in the last decade and a half. A walk through any of the campuses will show shining, roomy and state-of-the-art facilities ready to prepare students for 21st-century jobs that are significantly different than what the colleges were focusing on when the campuses were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s. Back then, architecture, aviation and welding were key. Now, science, health care and engineering are developing into more popular career paths. Ensuring that the district is able to have facilities to meet this growing career path is essential to best serve San Mateo County’s population.  

ReferenceShape the Future, See School Districts, Measure H, San Mateo County Community College District Bond Measure (55% Approval required). Six (6) documents: primary argument for, rebuttal; impartial analysis, argument against, rebuttal.

Note photographs. College teacher with young students CNN/Money. College teacher with career medical students  Advanced College Education. Man viewing computer data  Community College New Hampshire/Manufacturing. In line waiting  Travel Daily News/Asia-Pacific.

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Dr. B said...

A $100,000,000 tear-down and rebuilding of the Skyline campus theater. Another $30,000,000 to modify and remodel the four-year old Athletic Club at CSM that already came in at almost $60 million. That's where Measure H bond money will be going.

Former SM Planning Commissioner, Maxine Terner, has created a powerful website showing the College District's misuse of voter money and misleading voters about how money will be spent.

Visit and vote NO on Measure H