Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sockpuppets, trolls - boo!

BS degree?  Interesting.
Daily Kos/Ray Pensador, Member, 11/24/13. "Open letter to sockpuppets and trolls."

Trick, no treat
Have you heard the saying "thou doth protest too much?"  Here's the actual urban dictionary definition: Overly insistent about something, to the point where the opposite is most likely true.
....  First of all, let's stop being disingenuous (all of us) and admit once and for all that the (online) world is teeming with sockpuppets, bad-faith commenters (more on that below), trolls, hacks (both paid and unpaid), propagandists and other unsavory characters.  They are everywhere (online).  If you think about it the situation is not that much different than what happens in society in general: there are miscreants of every type in every community.  So why would it be different online?

....  Whether you are a sockpuppet, a troll, or a hack, I think what you haven't realized is that times have changed, dramatically.  You've got to get with the times, especially if your paycheck depends on this line of "work."  We are undergoing a process (some call it awakening) whereas more and more people have come to realized that they have been lied to.

Here's one important sign regarding that process: Not even a year or two ago if anybody used the word "propaganda" to describe what people were being subjected to when it came to the mainstream media, the argument was almost universally scoffed at by most people.  Now that notion has become mainstream itself.  People know they are being propagandized... And that unfortunately means that your "job" as a sockpuppet, troll, or political hack has become much more harder, and pretty soon it may become impossible to do, at least at the same incredibly damaging level you've been able to do until very recently."   Read more.

Note photographs - Bat from All Kids Network;  BS from Wikiversity, "A course in troll sockpuppets." 

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