Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vote for City Council accountability: your pocketbook, and a city future

Pacifica Tribune/"Bartlett's Bullets/Jean Bartlett, 10/1/14.  "What traits or actions would you like to see in/from your Pacifica City Council members."

Green?  How about City revenue to pay for our city services.
No more eco-con game
Omar Saleh.  "I would like to see some transparency.  I would like them to weigh the pros and cons, regardless of what group is pushing an initiative, and have the fortitude to go against the group.  For example, during the Quarry vote, the Peebles project, there were many residents who supported it and many who didn't But City Council was silent which is appalling. They were voted in to lead not to be led."

Bob Bouly.  "Get something done for the City and not their own personal business.  They could have allowed the Quarry development and we would have been debt free.  I hope we will get someone how who thinks about the people."

Note:  the above article may be viewed in the print version of the Pacifica Tribune, 10/1/14, page 7A. The electronic version does not seem to be available at this time.

Related long videos - City council forums.  Chamber of Commerce, 9/20/14, minutes 1:50. . SAMCAR/PBCPA Election Forum, 9/23/14, minutes 1:43 minutes. 

Note photographs: Ruffled nose from Venitism blog, green cash from Mind body green. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Hutch said...

These were some good answers. Pro development. Pro quarry build. Friendlier to business. Another pro quarry dvelopment. Better city services.

Funny not one person mentioned adding more open space, taxing us more, building a new library or stopping the highway widening.

Anonymous said...

Funny not one person questioned was under the age of 70.

Anonymous said...

Keener thinks the highway is the main issue on peoples minds. I predict a big loss.

Anonymous said...

Karen Ervin promised us that Palmetto would be the crown jewel of Pacifica. With shops restaurants and all the bells and whistles. Did she not know before she ran for city council the city was broke?

Has Mary Ann sold the new streetlights they bought on Ebay yet?

Anonymous said...

And Todd Bray calls firemen and police officers "princess crews"

OAKLAND — Two window-cleaners in Oakland are safe after a firefighter rappelled down a city high-rise to rescue them. The two men became stranded outside the 19th floor of a 24-story Oakland building on Thursday. Firefighters say the motor on the men’s automatic scaffold had failed, leaving the men stranded for two hours.

At least one Oakland firefighter rappelled from the building roof to get safety lines to the men. Firefighters then hauled the men up five floors to safety

Anonymous said...

555 Why do you keep repeating the same BS?

Palmetto beautification was planned long before Karen Ervin was elected. Years before. Is it her fault 4 million $ was lost during the Digre, Dejarnette, Vreeland council?

Anonymous said...

804 Sounds like a job for a good finance director. I'm sure hiring one is at the top of this council's agenda. hahahahahaha. The party continues. Do we even have one real accountant on staff?

Anonymous said...


Nice annon post Mike or Karen.

If the heat is too hot get out of the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Keener so far is kind of blah. Not uncommon for people to run several times before getting enough name recognition to win.