Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pacifica Pride Award entry, deadline Wednesday 10/15/14

City of Pacifica/Pacifica Pride Awards.  "Nominations are now being accepted for The Mayor's 1st Annual Pacifica Pride Awards Sponsored by The Beautification Advisory Committee.  Deadline for entries 5 pm, Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

Well alright, but...
seriously, get to fixing Pacifica!
Purpose.  To recognize "Pride" in Pacifica and encourage the efforts of community members in beautifying and improving homes, buildings, and properties located within Pacifica.

Eligible projects.  Projects must be visible from the street to demonstrate the essential component of "Curb Appeal."  Residential, commercial properties, and mobile homes may all be included.

Buildings must be occupied and not for sale during the application or screening process. Remodel or landscape projects must be complete upon submitting the application.

Committee reviewers:  a panel of volunteer committee members will screen and review the entries to verify eligibility and select the winners.

Recognition:  Entries will be recognized at a city council meeting to be announced.  The number of entries recognized will be at the discretion of the volunteer committee members."

If you're interested, contact the City, or someone from the Beautification Advisory Committee.  At this time the link to the entry application for this Pride in Pacifica contest does not work.

Note:  graphic and blog from Liturgy/Bosco Peters, 8/22/13, "The emperor is naked."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't our intrepid mayor be hot on the case of the missing $4 million? How does she have time for this? It's gotta be 8,364th on the "to do" list.

Stop with the dumb, meaningless awards and start with the code enforcement!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

0h please 419. To understand our Mayor (sorry, the Intrepid will always be an aircraft carrier to me) we need only look at what she does for a living. She works with crazy people. Forget I said that, what I mean is she's spent her career managing and modifying people's behavior through all sorts of behavior mod techniques and some pharma. This is ingrained problem-solving with our Mayor. It's how she rolls. She can't really drug her constituents, but she can offer "feel good" activities to put a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts. In a government-by-citizens you really do get what you vote for.

Kathy, lose the pig lest you be targeted for mayoral therapy.

Kathy Meeh said...

453, I love your writing, but the pig stays.

Mayor "lets all get along" therapy only works for the weak, and then they're eaten by NIMBIES, (part of the alleged reason this city doesn't prosper).

Anonymous said...

At second glance, the pig looks more papal than mayoral. Explains my initial unease. Love it!