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Controversy over Measure H, community college construction tax

The Daily Journal/Michelle Durand, 10/14/14.  "College bond drawing new critical view:  Chancellor takes issue with vocal foe and says modernization needed."

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"What is the mission of the San Mateo County Community College District? That answer is the crux of the debate over its $388 million bond measure on the Nov. 5 ballot with one camp — the district — saying the funds will be used to modernize its three campuses and put students in a better position to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year university The other — represented by vocal opponent Maxine Terner — argues a two-year degree system needn’t spend millions of dollars on infrastructure like a new theater and gym. Instead, she said the district should focus on what happens inside the classroom and not spend lavishly on items not directly linked to teaching. Terner, a former San Mateo planning commissioner, learned of the bond measure too late to oppose it on the ballot, where the official opposition is from the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association. 

With a large percentage of students requiring remedial classes or not transferring to other universities — Terner claims 70 percent of the first and less than 10 percent of the latter but Galatolo calls her numbers wrong — Terner said the district needs to prioritize actual learning over extravagant construction."

The district last passed a bond in 2005. That $468 million measure followed a $207 million bond in 2001. The district tried passing a $564 million bond in November 2011 but fell just shy of the 55 percent approval needed for passage. The half-billion figure was just too much, Galatolo said. This time, the bond works out to be $8.22 per $100,000 of assessed value. For a house with an assessed value of $400,000 in San Mateo County, the typical homeowner is looking at about $32 per year, Galatolo said."   Read more.

Related - Fix Pacifica reprint article - Daily News/Bonnie Eslinger 10/8/14, "$167,000 poured into campaign for San Mateo County Community College District bond measure."  Opposition organization mentioned in the article. Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association. 

Note photograph from The Economic Times/India. 

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