"I personally want to set the record straight about a politically motivated letter last week that claimed I was affiliated with one of the many blogs in town. These types of last minute unfounded charges are routine in political campaigns, as voters can see throughout California and the nation.

I am not affiliated with any blog. I only seek to make Pacifica a better community for our families."
 Oh yeah, more bad politics from the Gang of NO,
Riptide follow-up is fair (not), and is true (not)

Reference, Fix Pacifica newspaper reprint article - Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor, 10/22/14, "Don't fix Pacifica" by BJ Nathanson. "Editor: Victor Spano's slogan is "Fix Pacifica." It's on his signs and his website. He was even handing out water bottles that said "Fix Pacifica" on them at the Fog Fest. .... It is one thing to be endorsed BY Fix Pacifica, but Victor's campaign appears to be an endorsement OF Fix Pacifica. He will not be getting my vote." 

Related,  Fix Pacifica comment - Bob Hutchinson, 10/29/14, 9:43 PM, from "More NIMBY tricks: Riptide smear attempt strikes at mainstream candidates." "Another example of socialist type censorship over on Riptide. I made 3 comments about Ian's statement about Victor being untrue and John didn't post one of them. The last one didn't even mention Ian. I said, 'For the 3rd time, it is not true that Victor threatened to sue BJ for slander.'  I guess they're not big on truth.

Hmmm didn't Castro, Lennon and Stalin behave like this? Can we do a story on this? I have dozens of comments that John never posted. He doesn't want me over there fine. He'll lose half his 45 posters.  GO GIANTS!!!!"