Monday, October 13, 2014

Local Democrats city council candidate endorsement, and their forum

San Mateo County Democrats endorsements:  Pacifica City Council Member:  Incumbent Sue Digre.

Criteria for choosing this
or any city council candidate?
Sue swims forward, or backward
In advance of their City Council candidates forum, the Pacifica-Daly City Democrats have endorsed one candidate:  incumbent Sue Digre.  This endorsement may be more due to Sue Digre being a currently paid Club member,  than the result of scrutinized criteria. Still some of us are asking ourselves how did this happen?

The Pacifica-Daly City Democrats will host their City Council Candidates forum Saturday, October 18th, at Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant (banquet room in the back of the restaurant), 9:00 AM to 11 AM.  Still, keep in mind, any Pacifica-Daly City Democrats endorsements would likely be Democrats (regardless of positive or negative affect to this city).

All of these city and regional organizations have their own bias.  But this year affecting this city, City issues tend to break into two significant camps, for or against:  1) city economic development, 2) highway 1 improvement (widening), 3) additional taxes.  Whether the candidate is a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or Other is less likely important.  Whereas, what is important is moving this city forward, or not.

Moving this city forward, progress candidates (development, highway 1 widening):  1) Victor Spano, 2) Therese Dyer, 3) Mike O'Neill (Incumbent), 4) Eric Rushames.

Not moving this city forward, status quo candidates (no significant development, no highway 1 widening):  1)  John Keener, 2) Sue Digre, 3) Matt Dougherty.

As usual, when it comes to elections, it seems the progress candidates can't count. Four (4) candidates, three (3) positions. Eric Rushames is a little different from the others who support development, but not additional taxes; Rushames was a strong advocate for the one 21st century library with additional taxes, and for Measure V, 2013, the utilities phone tax (promoted by city council).  The status quo opposition strategy organizations (PH1A and others) have dragged-in Matt Dougherty (too inexperienced to be running) to dock a third vote by the public (since they sure wouldn't want any of those votes going to progress candidates).

If you have time, and want to view other city council candidate forums, Pacific Coast TV 26 has recorded these, see Miscellaneous Forums/Meetings. The effort by PCT TV 26 and its volunteers to video these programs is appreciated!

Note photograph from Clumsy Buddha.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

San Mateo County dems are tone deaf and regularly endorse losers. For example they endorsed all three prior Pacifica tax measures, which each lost by 30%. Most recent was last year's utility tax fiasco, which Pac dems supported as well. County dems did not endorse Horsley for supe either. So Digre fits in nicely with their political correct agenda...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of endorsements and related foolery. LMAO. Has Maybury lost his mind along with his column? He didn't denounce Victor Spano as pro-widening! WTF? Political games in Spanoville or is he just the flip side of Ruchames? One takes no position and the other takes them all?