Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Victor Spano understands technical city "stuff", he gets my vote


"Why I will vote for Spano for City Council" by Christoffer Anthony
Sewer overcharges to homeowners stink

"Editor:  I had a chance to speak with City Council Candidate Victor Spano this past week, and I was delighted by a number of things. Mainly, he understood very well my main issue of concern, which is the city's incorrect application of the Municipal Code in the annual sewer charge calculation. Specifically, in two out of the last four look-back years (2012-2013, 2010-2011) the city has chosen billing periods of third highest rainfall (2012-2013) and fourth highest rainfall (2010-2011) for use in the sewer charge calculation, and not the "billing period of highest rainfall" as the code directs (Sec. 6-6.407(b)).

This has resulted in significant overcharges to homeowners; since the billing periods chosen were drier and more water was consumed, this has led to higher sewer charges than if the city had properly selected the "billing period of highest rainfall." Several Pacificans have recently protested this incorrect practice in an article and letters to the Tribune, and Candidate Spano has been paying close attention.

He also understands the Proposition 13 implications of the sewer charge, and I expect that his suggestion for the creation of a review board to examine homeowners' concerns about the sewer charge -- and especially to enforce the city's Municipal Code provisions regarding it --- will be an excellent solution. I will gladly vote for Candidate Victor Spano for Pacifica City Council on election day."

Note photograph of South Haven newspaper from Womans Day.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


todd bray said...

Um... you should do yourself a favor and listen to Victors ranty like phone call he left on BJ's phone. He left a message on BJ's phone stating he had talked to an attorney about her letter and it's slander (written defamation is libel, not slander so I seriously doubt he talked to anyone but himself) and threatened that he would take some kind of legal action if BJ didn't talk to him. And this is the guy you think understands technical detail that you will be voting for?

Listen to the recording, it's down right creepy. You can hear it on by scrolling to the recording and submission from Ian Butler.

Victor should just drop out of the race, start enjoying his retirement and go traveling.

Anonymous said...

Candidate Spano is good at paying attention and telling you what you want to hear. Pleasant sort of fellow.

Anonymous said...

"Spano good at telling you what you want to hear". Not so good at telling you what he thinks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah 1205, some people are just better on the phone, ya know? Brings out the real person.

Anonymous said...

Good Letter to the editor Meeh!

Anonymous said...


Its a nice day and its going to rain this am. Go out and get some sun.

Kathy Meeh said...

Todd 944, the Victor Spano to BJ Nathanson voice mail is linked here, from a Riptide article by Ian Butler. (It may take take about 30 seconds for the voice mail to begin so be patient). Todd, next time, how about you link such information since that is the source of your comment.

Victor Spano has a right and obligation to his campaign to defend himself against slander and libel. As he suggested, at least he will write a rebuttal letter. In the phone conversation, he asked to talk to BJ about her anger driven comments first. His action and comments are reasonable and accountable, the kind of request any smart individual, good candidate, business or corporation would make.

Those of us who are interested in a better city with an improved infrastructure will vote for him.

Anonymous said...

BTW Ian had no business sticking his nose into this. Just like with Tod S.

Anonymous said...

Todays grades for letters to the editor.

Hutch=Good letter facts on Highway one=Grade B+

Sinai=good letter=C

Meeh=good letter and due to you having kind eyes=A-

Leone=gang of no=F for the failure of the city

Celeste Langille=The lady who sued the city and wasted money=F

Ian Butler=One of these days your going to stir the pot one too many times. Or your going to piss the wrong person off=F

Spano=Good letter=A

Anonymous said...

Making that call was one of the all-time lunkhead moves by a candidate for Pacifica City Council. Did someone advise him to do that? Did they suggest he mention a lawyer or did he come up with that himself? Any desire to clear the air took a back seat when he mentioned lawyer. He wanted to silence his critic, first and foremost. I think he got real bad advice from someone, but he made the call. He's lucky that no mention of the call appeared in The Tribune, today, and he somehow managed not to entangle himself in his short rebuttal to the letter. And, we'll be lucky if he loses.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Anon E. Mouse and I'm leaving this message for Kathy Meeh.

I had a discussion today with an attorney at law and we both agreed that I should try to talk to you and see if we could get some sort of agreement on what to do next regarding your post to Fix Pacifica. I'm preparing a rebuttal to it, but would like to give you the opportunity to explain where you're coming from in your post before I make my next steps.

Please give me a call at 1-800-NOCHANCE. Thank you. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish Spano would listen to Kathy Meeh and actually follow up on his threats.

Hutch said...

Todd try and get it straight. Victor never said her letter was slander. He said he talked to an attorney about slander.

Almost as big of a lie as Ian Butler put in writing which IS slander BTW. What is creepy is a grown man riding a shark mobile.

Here's my prediction:

O'Neill 4200
Spano 4050
Dyre & Digre very close
Ruchames 3200
Keener 1800
The other guy 700

Anonymous said...

121 is a perfect example of what's wrong with education today. Time magazine could have used you in their expose this month. What's that last one for Ian? A threat? Hey, teach, do you moonlight giving out legal advice to candidates flustered by that damn old free speech thing and/or lack of a dictator-system in America? You're displaying some tendencies, dude.

Anonymous said...

Where do I send my donation for Victor's Legal Fund? I so desperately want to help him get his day in court.

Anonymous said...

The latest is that it was actually a robo-call. Wrong # or something from the O'Neill/Ruchames machine. What I heard. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone vote for candidates who use robo-calls?

I would not, but maybe for a live caller.

Steve Sinai said...

I get annoyed whenever I get a robo-call. Thankfully, I haven't gotten any this election season.

Anonymous said...

Your campaign robo-call better include news about escaped felons or terrorists in Linda Mar or we're done.

Anonymous said...

I assume no such phone call on the internet is valid without authentication. Doesn't Ian work for the TV station and may have some knowledge of how to edit and/or manipulate recordings or some such thing? Also, the more it's rubbed in my face the more I suspect it. I did listen to it and I still don't believe it until/unless it is deemed authentic. I voted for Spano regardless as I think he will do a good job for the city. BJ's LTE was a bit classless anyway.

Anonymous said...

The National Association of Realtors are making robo-calls on behalf of O'Neill and Ruchames. Got one myself. Not a good move, guys -- can't pick up a lousy phone yourself?

Nobody likes their dinner interrupted with advertising and you're losing voters this way.


Anonymous said...

The labor council rented space in Rockaway to make robocalls.

Mike isn't an active realtor.

10% of realtors sell 85% of the houses.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to elections in the 21st Century. Unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Meeh said "Victor Spano has a right and obligation to his campaign to defend himself against slander and libel. As he suggested, at least he will write a rebuttal letter. In the phone conversation, he asked to talk to BJ about her anger driven comments first. His action and comments are reasonable and accountable, the kind of request any smart individual, good candidate, business or corporation would make.

Those of us who are interested in a better city with an improved infrastructure will vote for him."

This is one of the most ridiculous posts I've read on Fix Pacifica in a long time. A "right and obligation" to sue over absolutely nothing? A person who has willingly become a public figure by becoming a candidate? Can't take a simple letter to the editor? Places an inappropriate phone call to a citizen of the community? The article should hav had a picture of a frying pan and the heading "if you can't take the heat, get out of the fire" with Mr. Spano jumping out of it.

Absolutely not the type of person that should hold elected office.

Anonymous said...

620 Is Spano denying he made the call? No. He made it. Who you vote for and how you rationalize it is your business, but we just had a preview of Mr. Spano's poor judgement. Between that and the way he tailors his opinions to who's listening, no way would I vote for this turkey.

Anonymous said...

The undisputed KING of tailoring opinions to whoever was listening was Vreeland.
And you hypocrites want to name a beach after him.
What a sorry bunch.

Kathy Meeh said...

10/29/14, 1052, 636, poor judgement occurs when you do not to use your name on a repeated, dittohead smear comment. We all know, the candidate wants to "fix Pacifica", and intends to do so; whereas you support the opposite.

What I said again is Victor Spano, the candidate has "the right and obligation to his campaign to defend himself against slander and libel. It is also prudent to seek legal advisement over false representation, which you say you consider "nothing". What does that say about you?

A campaign is an organization with supporters, a vision and financing, therein is the obligation. The Gang of No choice to cause political harm to this candidate who would "fix Pacifica" is irresponsible behavior, and should be viewed as such. Contrary to your comment, the Letter was not simple, was not harmless, and appears to have been part of a convoluted strategy to target this city council candidate at a critical time in the campaign: voting by mail.

This is not about a candidate who "can't take a hit", the "hit" intent was terminal. Nevertheless, I think he'll survive. As for the phone call made from the candidate (Spano) to the LTE perpetrator (Nathanson), my immediate response was "brilliant", exactly the right thing to do. Hopefully the public will see through this wicked or evil Gang of No charade, and vote for none of your NIMBY candidates. Time to improve this city, and Victor Spano intends to help do just that, he's our guy!

Spano is the New Vreeland said...

9:26, so what you are saying is SPANO is like VREELAND....I like how that sounds: VICTOR SPANO, the NEW VREELAND! We really got to vote for that guy now! If he does for Economics what Vreeland did for our environment, then we are gonna be alright.

How do we know that Spano did not plot this whole deal beforehand and make it look accidental?. That would be very Machiavellian, and mean that he has played Ian Butler for a fool. I like thinking of Ian being a fool. What a fool believes!

The Ghost of Integrity said...

Spano is like Vreeland? Really!?! You've got to be kidding!?! Vreeland always did his magic behind your back. To your face, always lies. Always telling you what you wanted to hear. At least Spano had the integrity and the gumption to call his detractor and attempt some sort of resolution. Vreeland NEVER worked that way. What city do you live in? And those of you who say you won't vote for Spano now: "Gee Doc, will I ever play the violin?"

Anonymous said...

1110/1203 I doubt Butler (and 99% of readers) cares what you think and it was really only a matter of time before you mentioned Vreeland.

Kathy Meeh said...

Because the last sentence of my 927 comment was linked on Riptide by Smell, 956, I repeat my 1011 comment from the Spano rebuttal that "I'm listed as an endorser on both Spano and O'Neill flyers, along with a long list of other Pacificans." Also I support Therese Dyer for city council.

Steve "Blogmaster" Sinai stated this blog does not endorse candidates, but he also stated personally he supports Spano, O'Neill, and Rushames.

Okay, disclosures of personal choice vs. entity endorsements are a bit confusing: kind of like Maybury running a newspaper column endorsing NIMBIES and NIMBY causes through the election while the Tribune newspaper does not endorse candidates-- until city council candidate Keener indicated Maybury- Riptide and the Tribune endorsed him, oops.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica, Oh, Pacifica

We're looking for a guy who can cut the mustard

Our hills are alive with the sound of bluster

Poor Spano became a little flustered

Could he be another George Armstrong Custer?