Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rev. Peirs letters are welcome on Fix

Probably just a Tribune transition glitch.
We're always happy to hear from you!

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 10/14/14,  "What's up? by Rev. Peirs M. Lahey 

....  "My recent letters to the Tribune never made it to the printed page. I thought they were well-written, sometimes humorous, sometimes direct, but always out of my sincere love for this city by the Pacific which was my home for 14 years. So it seems letters from an "outsider"are printed in the paper, but my letters are not. There must be some other reasons.. Maybe folks disagree with my opinions or are sometimes upset by my comments? 

....  So, dear Tribune Staff, can someone please tell me why my letters are no longer welcome in this local paper? As far as I know, a newspaper is still a forum for the free expression of ideas and opinions of all sorts. It seems to me that a newspaper must keep "doors and windows," "eyes and ears" open to the world, not just to the folks who may be currently in favor."

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Father Piers Fan said...

I like his letters.
His letters would fit in very well.
He often talks / complains about vacant buildings and dilipidated properties, such as spanky's or eureka square. Often nostalgic about the pacifica community he once knew and is no longer, mainly due to vacancy and/or dilipidation. Suggests a pro-growth approach, consistent with pro-life teachings of his church: Be fruitful...mulitiply... Wasnt there a speaker at the last council meeting who wanted many to move away from Pacifica so the land could heal and be restored? Piers voice goes contrary to the nimby / enviro-crazies in this town.

Anonymous said...

Well 1009 that's the biggest load of crap I've ever read on here. Realtors and developers are doing the Lord's work.

Anonymous said...

Actually word on the street is, the Tribune site was hacked, and some of the letters went poof!

Kathy Meeh said...

349 NIMBY, most of us who have homes appreciate Realtors "doing the Lord's work". Do you have a home; if so, did you handle the search, property background check, paperwork, title, financing yourself?

Ah developers, just what's needed to bring-in a balanced economy (including some housing) to this 50% city.

Anonymous said...

My dog ate it has become the computer ate it.