Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jefferson Union High School District candidates, Fall election 2014

The Pacifica Tribune article affords more detail, and asks candidate questions.  Any relevant comments about candidates are appreciated.    

Yeah, we're working on
the meaning of life right now.
Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff, 9/30/14.  "Jefferson Union High School District candidate address issues."

"One seat on the Jefferson Union High School District board of trustees opened up with Tom Nuris's decision not to run for another term.  Andy Lie, Nick Occhipinti and Carlos Taylor are all newcomers seeking seats on the board. Katherine Dulany and Rosie Tejada seek reelection for another term. 

Carlos Taylor could not be reached to respond by email to the Tribune's questions.  Read article.

Related - Vote for three (3).   Jefferson Union High School District, (also Wikipedia).  Information is from the article, and very little information from Smart Voter, Jefferson Union High School District.
Katherine Zarate Dulany,  Parent, employment lawyer (own firm)
Rosie Tejada, Appointed incumbent.  Parent, senior legal secretary (30 years CA legal system), Westmoor High School PTSA Board.
Andy Lie.  Parent, financial controller, active parent volunteer, Parent Teachers Organization. 
Nick Occhipinti, High School teacher (substitute),, (currently this link transfers to Go Daddy).
Carlos Taylor, Clergy, Administrator, Educator.

Note: photograph from  ZME Science. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Zarate - Dulany gets my vote. She's very smart. She' very tiny too. But makes up for her small size with a great brain for our high schools.

Anonymous said...

Really?? have you attended a JUSHD school board meeting lately?

Anonymous said...

School Board=PTA

Kathy Meeh said...

502, therefore, if Eric Rachames wins his election to join re-elected Mike O'Neill, and Karen Ervin currently on city council, we'll have a three (3) member city council school board/PTA majority. Is that how you see it?

Anonymous said...

works for me!

Kathy Meeh said...

632, why does that "work for you", is there a "free lunch" program?

Anonymous said...


Remember you don't want your blood pressure to rise!

Why feed the trolls?

Kathy Meeh said...

737 I don't know, the other simplistic, one-liner "troll" comments were at least fun. Maybe you need a cup of coffee to raise your blood pressure?

Anonymous said...

Kathy, 632 post, the new "three" have worked very well together in the past. Let's have the new brain trust see what they can do! They have worked very well together in the past and I would like to see what they can d as a coalition to move our City forward,
I'll light a candle for all of us.