Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top 10 environmental stories of 2009 in San Mateo County

Happy belated New Year to you all. (Especially 'you-all' from Texas!)

By the way, in the January 1 San Mateo County Times, on the front page, there was an article "Top 10 environmental stories of 2009 in San Mateo County". The top ten list in reverse order was:
10) State Parks saved
, (Gov the Schwarz finds way to cut 14.2 from State Parks budget, while keeping parks open),
9) Landfill now energy treasure
(HMB's Ox Mountain landfill converts methane into electricity),
8) Salmon season disappears (Pacific Fishery Management Council shuts down the Calif. Chinook salmon season, dealing a blow to commercial fishermen.),
7) Green-collar jobs sprout,
6) Sewage spills targeted
, (Environmental watchdog group SF Baykeeper filed federal lawsuits vs San Carlos, Millbrae and the West Bay Sanitary District),
5) Controversial development
, (Developers proposal to build 25 luxury homes on a steep hill in San Mateo's Highlands-Baywood Park neighborhood.),
4) Half Moon Bay's burden, (Loses 18 million lawsuit to developer Chop Keenan),
3) Butterfly habitat bulldozed, (SMC Board of Supervisors allows developer Brookfield Homes to build a 71-unit subdivision on San Bruno Mountain.)
2) Saltworks a future city? (About a proposal to turn Redwood City's Cargill Saltworks site into a mini-city with up to 12,000 new homes),
and last but not least-
1) Teeing off over Sharp Park
, (You guessed it. It's about the Golf Course. Here's a quote, "Environmentalists denounced the solution to the species' troubles at the golf course, which is located in Pacifica, while golfers cheered. Sharp Park's future is still uncertain given the plan's lack of funding and San Francisco's ballooning deficit; the city's board of supervisors could use the money issue to quash the project at a later stage." be continued in the next episode.

Gil Anda

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