Friday, January 15, 2010

Shingles ain't no fun

I had shingles in 1991. At one point I could really understand why people would consider suicide when the pain gets intense and doesn't stop. 2000 mg of Motrin every 2 hours for days didn't do anything (except burn a hole in my stomach).

I'm headed off to get a shot. Not quite 60 yet but i never want to go through that again.
Jim Wagner


Lance said...

What a whoos!
Buck-up cup-cake.

Unknown said...

Jimmy! I'm sorry. I had it once when I was a out was because I was "under the weather" and both children had just had chicken pox. Take care of yourself! It is a terrible thing.

mike bell said...

Is it "what a: whoos, whuuc, wuss, ????"
I've never been clear on this.

Lance said...

Ask Retivo over on Rip.
He's the genius that uses the big words!

Unknown said...

Totally serious question: Would you ever use a word like "Orthogonal" and expect people in the Blog world to take you seriously unless it was on a Math Blog Championship?