Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tonight: Don Peebles on CNBC

So the average net worth is 2.7M! Well I sure bend that curve down.
JIm Wagner

This evening at 8:00 PM, R. Donahue Peebles will join CNBC “Reports” to discuss some of today’s headlines including healthcare realities and the ongoing challenges facing small businesses. Mr. Peebles is joined by Lloyd Chapman of American Small Business League to discuss the issues.
CNBC airs in 100 million homes in North America, over 400 million homes worldwide. An appearance on CNBC reaches one of the most influential and affluent audiences in television. A recent CNBC Viewer Tracking Study found that the majority of top management executives watch CNBC and that the average net worth of viewers is $2.7 million.
Kendall Pryles
Communications Director
The Peebles Corporation
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