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Road rage - Father Piers

Pacifica Tribune Letters
Tips to prevent road rage

Father Piers Lahey's long standing concern about polite traffic behavior and etiquette is well known, and it seems he took a trip to San Francisco.  This week reflections on his trip to San Francisco sparked one of his best ever Tribune commentary letters-to-the-editor.

Editor:  On this last day of 2009. I have been wondering if I need to change my image, hire a personal coach, or find a good PR person. I have also wondered if there is a sign either on me or on my car (a Hyundai....sorry, I usually buy American, but there were no good deals at the time and the Hyundai has turned out to be a great car) which says "Kick Me" or words to that effect.
Yesterday, I was driving on Guerrero Street in San Francisco and came to an intersection at 24th Street where the cross traffic was blocking the intersection. We had to wait for quite some time until the congestion eased. I guess I was daydreaming for a moment. At least I was not talking on a cellphone! I remember shaking my head and wishing that traffic in the City could be better. The fellow ahead of me in a Mercedes with personalized plates must have thought I was shaking my head at him and his driving skills (or lack of same.) So he pulled over one lane, leaving a space for me to drive forward, at the same time lowering his driver's side window. Obviously he wanted me to come up parallel to him. I confess that I wondered if he might have a handgun in his car (not surprising these seems like everyone has them), so I stayed far away from the Mercedes.
When the driver saw that I was not going to cooperate, he leaned out the window and spit (or is it "spat") in my direction, making whatever statement he needed to make about me and my driving skills (and temperament).

I love Pacifica. So far, for the most part, it has been a peaceful place. But for some communities around us, it really is a jungle out there with a lot of angry people behind the wheel who should be seeking medical help and/or counselling.  Rev. Piers Lahey Sharp Park

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