Tuesday, January 12, 2010

San Mateo County 2009 top ten political stories

Article received from Jeff Simons, information reviewed and summarized by Kathy Meeh

Bruce Balshone, San Mateo Public Policy Examiner 

1.    Pay-Gate in Daly City - Worst politics in San Mateo County award.  City Manager Pat Martel, slashed the salary of newly elected City Clerk Annette Hipona 50%. 
2.    Sharp Park Golf Course Retained - study proves that human golf recreation and habitat are very compatible. 
3.    Civil Grand Jury tackles on county government - advises San Mateo County Board of Supervisors to
change from an "at-large" elected to "district" similar to all other CA counties. 
4.    Hard times bring harsh budgets tax base struggles - 4 elections, 20 local tax increase measures, 5 failed.  Cow Palace may not survive the economic downturn.
5.    California High speed rail lawsuit - Menlo Park and Atherton joining environmentalist to prevent access through their cities.
6.    Jerry Hill's Half Moon Bay bailout bill fails - the State did not provide a $10 million loan to Half Moon to help pay-off the $18 million Keenan lawsuit.
7.    The year of the Asian American candidate - Asian presence in public office is acknowledged.
8.    Daly City councilmember insurance and worker's compensation indictment, 12 counts - Councilmember Maggie Gomez pleading not guilty (case heard 1/27/10).
9.    Burlingame retires 20 year veteran Councilmember Rosalie O;'Mahony, issue:  entrenched and out-of-touch http://www.mercurynews.com/elections/ci_13714580
10.  County Treasurer retires - 25 year Tax Collector Lee Buffington- County investment pool management related to  Lehman Brothers collapse. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh 


Kathleen Rogan said...

I followed the HMB land grab dibacle. Shame on those politicians for trying to bail out HMB ,bad decision. Can't believe JH would do that, predictable Leland Lee move.

Yes, the year of the Chinese Politicians. Hardest working.I don't like Leland Yee. I remember very well his statement that was quoted in the Pac Trib, went something like this, 'soon we will have a one party state', raised hairs on my skin. My favorite American Asian politicians, although not in Pacifica, are SF Sup Chiu, Michelle Malkin. Pacifica Business owned by Asians in Pacifica, are many. Some of my favorites; Kenny's on Crespi, I love May, she is a great person, wonderful family. Save More Meats - love that family, love the smell of their meat market.
I also wish we had more Chinese Teachers. Growing up in Gov Schools around here I had "One" Chinese Teacher, she was the most successful, biology, hard to get in her class.

But, I don't like Leland Lee one bit. I am watching him.

And, gotta say, thank G-d for China, buying our debt. They are the big bosses right now. China, I believe, Loves America and Americans.

Gung Hay Fat Choy! SF Chinatown is one of the most exciting places to visit. I remember, when I was a little girl my parents always took us to Chinatown. One visit, they bought me a wooden apple that opened up. Inside the wooden apple were wooden miniature dishes. I loved that toy. Made in China.

Kathy Meeh said...

Wow Kathleen, some of us "commies" may completely agree with you, again. There are not enough good words for May at Kennys, not enough bad words for Leland Yee, and Save More Meat has a very good reputation. One of the owners is related to May Gee, an old Democrat friend. Since I'm a vegetarian, so not a place for me to shop.

The mention of Leland Yee may cause some adverse comments from some people, but he seems to support "nothing for Pacifica", was therefore against quarry development, and didn't tell Councilmember Lancelle that her idea of shopping in Daly City and sending the tax revenue back to Pacifica had zero potential in the CA Legislature. Stuff like that.

We should all be grateful that China is buying our debt. May we all prosper.